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Scroll Volute Repair

Scroll volute graft 01

Scroll volute graft 02

Scroll volute graft 03

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Scroll volute graft 10

Scroll volute graft 11

Scroll Volute Repair.
This scroll has at some time in the past had its volute
broken off.  The object of this repair is purely cosmetic

The Damaged area is carved to a smooth curved surface.
This surface is very important as it needs to be a continuous
curve right up to the edges to ensure an invisible joint to
the inserted wood.

The Inserted piece of wood is chosen to match the original
scroll wood, its Grain width, Figure, and Medullary ray
orientation.  Seasoned wood is essential to eliminate future
The inserted piece of wood is Chalk  fitted to the scroll
ensuring a  100% surface contact between the pieces and
glued using Hide glue.

After an appropriate amount of time the Inserted piece can
be shaped to match the original Scroll design.
This process requires good observational skills and use of
the hand tools, in order to ensure a seamless repair.

The finished shaping must finally be wetted to raise any
wood fibres and smoothed to match the surrounding scroll

All orientations must be considered when choosing and
fitting the inserted wood to try to match the wood reflection
properties, this will ensure the finished repair goes

Once the surface has been shaped it must be sealed to stop
the varnish retouching colours entering the wood and
causing the colour matching to be noticeable.

The Colour is layed down is very thin layers , starting with
the ground colour.
The colour layers on a varnished instrument are a
combination of several colours layed down on top of each other resulting in a complex distribution on the surface.
When you rotate the instrument the surface will exhibit a
change in colour as the reflected light bounces of these
different colour layers.

Finally the repaired surface must be finished to match the
surrounding scroll colour, matt or gloss etc., to ensure the
repair goes unnoticed.

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