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Pegbox Repair

Pegbox repair 01

Pegbox repair 02

Pegbox repair 03

Pegbox repair 04

This Pegbox Repair is a complex  series of cracks which
have opened up along the grain lines in the wood . The
reason for the cracks would appear to be the orientation of the  wood in the pegbox.

The cracks must first be cleaned ,then reglued using Hide glue.
The fitting of a Peg bushing to facilitate the fitting of an
inside cheek patch .

Once the Pegbox wall has been reinforced by fitting the
Inside cheek patch and the Peg bushing , the repair areas
must be prepared for the retouching process. First sealing
the wood and building up the colour to disguise the
cracked areas.

The Priorities in the Pegbox area are to ensure the repair is
structurally sound and allows the Pegs to function properly.

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