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Peg Bushing Repair

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The Peg Bushing repair is necessary when the Peg hole
becomes too large to fit the peg. The Larger the peg hole then
the weaker the Pegbox wall  will become.
It is very common  for the Pegbox wall to crack  at the Peg
hole due to excessive force applied to a badly fitting Peg.

The Peg bushing wood is selected  to give the maximum
structural properties and the grain orientation  is critical  to
achieve this.

The Bushing is carefully  fit to ensure a 100% surface contact
with the hole .

The alignment of the Bushing grain with the Pegbox wall
grain will help to disguise  the bushing when retouching the

The bushing is trimmed to be seamlessly  flush with the
Pegbox  wall .

The bushing is sealed to prevent the varnish colour from
soaking into the white wood, as this would prevent a
controlled and even distribution of the colour over the area to
be retouched.

The Retouching colour is applied in very weak  layers building
up to match the surrounding  pegbox wall colour.

As the reflection properties of the unserted bushing repair will
differ from the original pegbox wall wood , the colour
matching will be slightly different when observed from
different angles.

Once the colour match is achieved and the varnish is fully dry,
the surface is textured to match the existing pegbox wall .

The new Peg holes must now be positioned and drilled out.

The Peg holes are formed using a Tapered Reamer.

The Pegs  are shaped to fit the holes using a matching tapered

The Pegs must fit perfectly to the holes to facilitate a smooth
operation of the Pegs for tuning.

The Pegs must now be trimmed to length and domed at the

It is essential that the action of the pegs is smooth and
controlled, as this will allow the player to adjust the string
tension easily .

Pegs which are difficult to move , and stick, will eventually
cause uneven wear of the Peg-box wall and may split the
Peg- box.


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