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Violin making


         Important Violin Events in  2014

  Lutherie 2014         Violin Making Lectures Organised by Robert Cain


Violin teacher web listings                             If your trying to find a Music teacher for string
                                                       instruments in the U.K. this web site is very

Royal Northern College of Music

Matlock Music Shop                              For all your music requirements.
                                                        Also: Equipment rental and music lessons.

Custys Music shop in Ennis County clare  Traditional Irish music’s best music shop.
                                                        They have a comprehensive music selection &
                                                        instruments for sale.

Violin Acoustics

Schleske acoustics and violin making

John E McLennan acoustic researcher

Erik Jansson Acoustics for violin makers

Experimental Modal Analysis , A simple Non-Mathematical Presentation
by Peter Avitabile

Research Papers in Violin Acoustics:    1975-1993 Editor Carleen Maley Hutchins
& Virginia Benade

The Carleen Hutchins Collection& Archive

The Acoustical Society of America

Strings and things, Musical acoustics in Cambridge.
By Jim Woodhouse   The "Bridge Hill".

Bridging the divide. Joseph curtin interviews Jim Woodhouse

The VSA-Oberlin Acoustics Workshop                       Richard Freemantle acoustic specialist.


Violin Making & Repairing ,-Schools ,Associations, Shops,       Information,  Seminars, & Lectures:-
 Newark School of Violin Making         Internationally renowned violin making school.

Matlock Music Shop                      Sheet music supplier , instrument rentals and more.                         Comprehensive selection of top quality cut bridges
                                                 with dimensions and images.

Alan Towse  Violin Maker          

Benslow music trust                       Instrument loan scheme                                    Information on Instruments & makers auction
                                                 sales Details from the past.

B.V.M.A.                                      British Violin Makers Association.

Lutherie 2014                              Violin Making Lectures Organised by Robert Cain

Violin auction sites                                     Instrument Auction                                Instrument Auction                                  Instrument Auction                                 Instrument Auction

Bromptons              Instrument Auction

Gardiner                    Instrument Auction

Violin Magazines and articles

The Strad Magazine                         The Strad Magazine

The Bugle                                      Youlgreaves Local News letter.



Kremer Pigments                                   Violin materials supplier,

Rivolta Woods for musical Instruments       Instrument Wood  supplier

Dick GmbH Quality products for Musical Instruments  Violin Making tool supplier

Touchstone Tonewoods supplies              Violin Wood supplier

Holfter GmbH                                        Violin accessories supplier, Trade only

AP Fitzpatrick fine art materials                Violin Making  Varnish  supplier

Hansellviolins Violin Fittings                      Quality Violin Fittings

Alexander accessories for violinviolacello     Quality Violin Fittings


VIOLIN instrument insurance

Allianz Cornhill Instrument Insurance         Instrument Insurance company



Katherine Roche Woodwind Repairer        Newark College Qualified Wood Wind
                                                        Repairer located in Derbyshire.


Violin Makers Resources , Databases & Listings

Violin makers listing            Hundreds of links to violin makers from around the world


David T. Van Zandt  Violin & Bow making resource

David T. Van Zandt Links to Violin & Bow Makers Homepages


Violin Wood:- Mechanical Properties, Analysis, Humidity,
                        Structure, Woodworm.

This is a comprehensive Website detailing the Macroscopic structure of wood , by the  Society of Wood Science technology ---Unit No. 1

Mechanical Properties of wood Chapter 4 by David W. Green, Jerrold E. Winandy,
David E. Kretschmann.

Dendrochronology studies by John Topham        Tree Ring Science

Dendrochronology and the Violin

Principles of Dendrochronolgy

Wikipedia:-  Picture of a Woodworm furniture_beetle

Images of the woodworm beetle.  Anobium_punctatum/

Web site for anyone interested in wildlife and the countryside. Pictures

Kendal Bioresearch Pictures of Woodworm

History Of Pheromones

  Pheromone , Description and explanation on Wikipedia.


 Violin Bridge links:-            Online Violin bridge archive

Aubert Lutherie Violin Bridges

Chevalet-Despiau violin Bridges

Josef Teller Violin bridges

Dictum    Violin bridge supplier



Irish traditional music links        , Music resource for all things
                                                        music related in Ireland

Matt Savage Land Rover Parts             Matt Savage will custom build your
                                                        overland vehicles


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