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Frainc  a’Phoill                       (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Johnny Mc Afee                      (Fiddle)                                            (Antrim)
Johnny Mc Aleese                  (Fiddle)                              (Antrim)
William Allingham                  (1824-1889)(Poet & Fiddle)   (Donegal)
Sean Mc Aloon                        (1923-1998)(Pipe Maker & Piper)(Fermanagh)
Altan                                       (Band)
William  N. Andrews              (Piper)                                (Dublin)
Bradley M. Angus                   (PipeMaker)                       (USA)
Tomas Mac Aogain                 (Fiddle)                                             (Wexford)
Caoimhin Mac Aoidh               (fiddle)                               (Donegal)
Gabriel Mc Ardle                     (Concertina)                               (Fermanagh)
Tom Armstrong                       (1903-1970)(fiddle & Piper)  (Roscommon)
Davey Arthur                          (Banjo & Guitar & Singer)    (Donegal)
Oisin Mc Auley                        (fiddle)                               (Donegal)

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Joe Bane                               (Whistle)                                 (Clare)
Troy Bannon                          (Flute & whistle)                                   (Meath)
Cormac de Barra                   (Harp)                                       (Dublin)
Domhnall de Barra                (Accordion, Whistle, Concertina & Flute)(Limerick)
Paddy Barron                        (fiddle)                                                       (
Christy Barry                         (Whistle & Flute)                      (Clare)
Garrett Barry                         (Piper)                                                   (Clare)
Margaret Barry                      (1917-1989) (Banjo & Singer)(Cork)
Majella Bartley                       (Tin whistle & Flute)                             (Monaghan)
Pat Barton                             (Accordion)                               (Offaly)
Tom Barrett                           ( fiddle)                                                   (Kerry)
John Bass                              (Accordion & (Melodeon)          (Wexford)
Noel Battle                             (Mouth-organ)                                       (WestMeath)
Mai Baxter                             (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Paddy Beades                        (Singer)                                    (Roscommon)
Laura Beagon                        (fiddle)                                                    (Monaghan)
Brendan Begley                     (Accordion)                               (Kerry)
Eoin Begley                            (Concertina)                             (Kerry)
Seamus Begley                      (Accordion)                                            (Kerry)
Martin Beirne                        (Piper)                             (Roscommon)
Mary (nee Conlon) Beirne    ((1928-2002)(Fiddle & Melodeon)  (Roscommon)
Derek Bell                              (harp)                                       (Belfast)
Jamie Benson                        (Fiddle)                                                  (Antrim)
Mel Bernard                          (Piano)                         (  ?  )
Mary Bergin                           (b1949)(Tin Whistle)              (Dublin)
Paddy Berry                          (Whistling)                                             (Wexford)
Maire Ni Bhaoil                      (Singer)                                    (Monaghan)
Padai (na Ropai) Bhilli         (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Eimear Ní Bhroin                    (Harp)                                                    (Cork)
Brian Bigley                          (Piper)                              (Ohio USA)
Ciaran Bingham                    (Fiddle)                                (Down)
Leslie Bingham                     (Flute)                                  (Down)
Tara Diamond   (Bingham)   (Flute)                                  (Down)
Terry Bingham                       (Concertina)                                  (Down)
John Blessing                        (1913 - 1993)(Flute)              (Leitrim)
Dan Blue                               (Fiddle)                                                    (Antrim)
Bernard Bogue                      (b1860)(Fiddle  & Whistle)     (Fermanagh)
Joe Boland                             (Accordion)                                            (Offaly)
Michael Bolton                      (fiddle)                                     (Carlow)
Hughie Bonar                        (fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Neily Bonnar                         (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Bothy Band                                      (Band)
Louis Boudreault                   (fiddle)
Ciaran Bourke                       (1935-1988)(Whistle, Guitar, Harmonica & Singer)  (Dublin)
Malachy Bourke                     (Fiddle)                                                    (Galway)
John Bowe                            (Accordion)                                  (Offaly)
Meadhbh Boyd                      (Fiddle)                                  (Clare)
Turlach Boylan                     (Banjo & Whistle & flute)               (Derry)   
Barney Boyle                      (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Catherine Boyle                    (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Charlie Boyle                        (Warpipes & fiddle)                                   (Donegal)
Con Boyle                             (fiddle)                                         (Donegal)
Denise Boyle                         (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Geraldine Boyle                    (fiddle)                                                      (Donegal)
Jim Boyle                               (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
John Boyle                            (1871-1972)(fiddle)               (Donegal)
John Patrick Boyle               (b.1920)(fiddle)                       (Donegal)
Johnnie (The Sergent) Boyle   (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Nancy Boyle                           (lilter & singer)                           (Donegal)
Neillidh Boyle                         (b1889)(Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Paddy Boyle                          (died 1972)(fiddle)                    (Donegal)
Vincent “Vincie” Boyle         (Singer)                           (Clare)
Harry Bradley                      (Flute)                               (Belfast)
Maurice Bradley                    (Piper & Fiddle)                           (Derry)
Paul Bradley                          (Violin Maker)( fiddle)                             (Armagh)
Harry Bradshaw                     (b1947)(sound engineer)         (Wicklow)
Attracta Brady                       (Flute)                                                       (Offaly)
John Brady                            (Flute)                                          (Offaly)
Paul Brady                            (Guitar ,composer & Singer)                     (Tyrone)
Brendan Breathnach             (1912-1985)(Collector & Piper)(Dublin)
Cormac Breatnach                 (Whistle & Flute)                                      (Dublin)
Marie Breathnach                  (b 1956)(Fiddle, Viola, Whistle, Piano & Singer)   (Dublin)
Paddy Breen                        (Whistle & Flute)                      (Clare)
Philip Breen                          (Fiddle)                                       (
Schooner Breen                   (Fiddle)                                    (Clare)
Tara Breen                            (Saxaphone,Flute & Fiddle)                      (Clare)
Darren Breslin                       (Accordion)                                   (Fermanagh)
Gerry Breslin                         (fiddle)                                         (
John Breslin                           (Piper)                           (Donegal)
Paul Brock                              (accordion)                                              (WestMeath)
Ethna Broderick                     (flute)                               (Galway)
Pat Broderick                        (Whistle & flute & Piper)             (Galway)
Peter Broderick                     (flute)                               (Galway)
Vincent Broderick                  (1920-2008)(Flute)                   (Galway)
Peader Broe                          (1928-1972)(Piper)                                 (Dublin)
Arty Brogan                          (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
John Brogan                          (1878 - 1928)(Pipe-Maker & Piper)(WestMeath)
Mary Brogan                          (Mouth Organ)                                           (Wexford)
Sonny Brogan                       (Accordion)                                    (Kildare)
Jim Brophy                             (Piper)                                                      (Tipperary)
Pat Brophy                            (piper)                                            (Tipperary)
Mick Brown                            (Fiddle)                                                     (Dublin)
Peter Browne                        (b 1953)(Presenter,Flute, Whistle & Piper)  (Dublin)
Ronan Browne                      (b1965)(Piper)                                         (Dublin)
Edward Bunting                    (1773-1843)                                (Armagh)
Claire Burke                          (Flute)                                                       (Offaly)
Dermot Burke                        (fiddle)                                         (Dublin)
Joe (Banjo) Burke                  (Accordion, Mandolin & Banjo)              (Kilkenny)
Joe Burke                              (b1939) (Accordion)                  (Galway)
Kevin Burke                           (London)(Fiddle)                                     (Sligo)
Ciaran Burns                         (Concertina)                                  (Down)
Tom Busby                            (Piper)                                                       (Fermanagh)
Fiona Butler                           (Tin whistle & Flute)                   (Kilkenny)
Gerard Butler                       (Dancer)                             (Roscommon)
Pa Butler                               (fiddle)                                                      (Donegal)
Alan Byrne                            (Banjo)                                          (Dublin)
Clare Byrne                           (Piper)                                                      (Down)
Connie (Drost) Byrne           (Fiddle)                                       (
Conor Byrne                         (Presenter & Flute)               (Dublin) 
Danny Byrne                          (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Frank Byrne                          (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
James Byrne                          (1946-2008)(Fiddle)                 (Donegal)
Jemmy Byrne                         (Piper)                                                    (Carlow)
John Byrne                            (Piper)                                         (Carlow)
John Byrne                            (Fiddle)                                              (Donegal)
Johnnie Byrne                       (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Nora Byrne                           (Piano)                                                       (Wexford)
Packie Manus Byrne            (b.1917)(Singer & Whistle & fiddle)  (Donegal)
Paddy Byrne                          (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Peadar hIghne Byrne           (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Tony Byrne                           (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Ursula Byrne                         (Fiddle)                                        (Down)
Dermot Byrnes                      (Accordion)                                              (Donegal)
Martin Byrnes                       (Fiddle)                                       (Galway)
George Byrt                           (Piano)                                        (Clare)

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Bridget Caden                        (b.1903)(Melodeon)               (Mayo)
Padraigin Caesar                    (Harp)                                                      (Carlow)
Eddie Cahill                             (b.1929)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Maude Caitlin                          (1941-1982)(Singer)               (Galway)
John Callaghan                      (Lilter & Singer)                            (Donegal)
Mick Callaghan                        (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Columba Campbell                  (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
James Campbell                      (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Jimmy Campbell                      (Fiddle)                                                   (Donegal)
Josie Campbell                        (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Peter Campbell                       (b.1900)(Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Peter Campbell                       (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Vincent Campbell                    (Fiddle)                                                   (Donegal)
Catriona Cannon                    (harp)                                          (Galway)
Cormack Cannon                    (Piper)                                                      (Galway)
Paddy Canny                          (1919-2008)(Fiddle)                (Clare)
Peter Carberry                        (Piper)                                                     (Longford)
Harry Carey                           (Glasgow)(Fiddle)                        (Donegal)
Tom Carey                              (Concertina)                         (Clare)
Jean Carignan                         (fiddle)
John Carlos                             (Flute & Banjo)                       (Roscommon)
Shane Carlos                          (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Michael Carney                        (1861-1938)(Piper)                              (Mayo)
Mary Anne Carolan                 (1902-1985) (Concertina & singer)(Louth)
Nicholas Carolan                     (b1946) (Collector)                                (Louth)
William Carolan                       (1849-1937)(Piper)                (Monaghan)
Charlie Carr                            (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Michael  Carr                                (fiddle & Accordion)                  (Donegal)
Dr. Peter Carr                          (Fiddle & Dancer)                                       (Donegal)
Proinsias Carr                         (Accordion)                                       (Donegal)
John Carrol                             (1835- 1900)(Piper)                              (Clare)
John Carroll                             (Drummer)                                 (Leitrim)
Liz Carroll                                (Chicago)(Fiddle)                                    (Offaly)
Michael Carroll                         (Accordion)                                (Leitrim)
Ciaran Carson                         (b1948)(Flute & Writer)                          (Belfast)
Angela Carty                           (Guitar)                        (Roscommon)
Batty Carty                             (Flute & Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
James Carty                             (Flute)                        (Roscommon)
John Carty                               (Banjo & Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
John Snr. P Carty                       (Flute & Banjo & Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
Paddy Carty                            (1929-1985) (Flute)                               (Galway)
Bobby Casey                          (1926-2000)(Fiddle)                      (Clare)
John Scully Casey                  (died 1942)(Flute & Concertina & Fiddle)      (Clare)
Seamus Casey                        (London)
Thady Casey                           (Dancer & Bodhran & Fiddle)      (Clare)
James Cash                            (1853-1900) (piper)                              (Wexford)
John Cash                               (1832-1909) (Piper)                  (Wexford)
Francis Cashin                          (Fiddle)                                                  (Leitrim)
Michael J. Cashin                     (Fiddle)                                        (Leitrim)
Jimmy Casserly                     (Fiddle)                            (Roscommon)
Mick Casserly                       (Fiddle)                            (Roscommon)
Con Cassidy                           (1909-1994)(Fiddle)                               (Donegal)
Frank Cassidy                         (1900-1971) (Fiddle)                 (Donegal)
Jimmy Cassidy                       (fiddle)                           (Roscommon)
Joe Cassidy                             (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Johnnie Cassidy                      (fiddle)                                         (Donegal)
Paddy Cassidy                        (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Tom Cawley                            (Fiddle)                                        (Sligo)
John (Jakes) Cawley              ( Flute)                                             (Sligo)
Maggie Murphy (Chambers)    (Singer)                                      (Fermanagh)
Nicola Ni Chathail                     (Harp)                                                     (Galway)
Niamh Ni Charra                       (Concertina & Fiddle)                               (Kerry)
Freda Nic Ghiolla Chathain       (Harp)                                       (WestMeath)
Maire Ni Chathasaigh              (harp)                                                       (Cork)
Nollaig Ni Chathasaigh           (Fiddle)                                         (Cork)
Treasa Ni Cheannabhain        (sean-nos)                                               (Galway)
Sharon Ní Chearbhall              (Melodeon)                                  (Offaly)
Maire Ni Cheochain                 (singer)                                                   (Cork)
Rab Cherry                             (Fiddle Maker)                              (Donegal)
Chieftans                            (Band)
Sean John Chit                        (died 1984)(fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Catriona Ni Chlochasaigh       (Flute)                                                     (Limerick)
Neansai Ni Choisdealbha       (Flute)                                           (Galway)
Nell Ni Chroinin                       (singer)                                                   (Cork)
Eilis ni Chonghaile                  (Singer)                                       (Meath)
Cait Ní Chuis                          (Fiddle)                                                     (Limerick)
Robert Cinnamond                 ( 1884-1968)(Singer)                (Antrim)
Brendan Clancy                     (Banjo & Fiddle)                       (Waterford)
Geraldine Clancy                    (Fiddle)                                                     (Clare)
Gilbert  Gillie Clancy                (Flute)                                 (Clare)
Liam Clancy                           (Singer)                       (Waterford)
Martha Clancy                        (Concertina)                                 (Clare)
Mary  Rafferty  Clancy            (Accordion)                   (Galway)
Noel Clancy                            (Melodeon)                                              (Waterford)
Paddy Clancy                         (b1965) (Accordion Maker)        (Limerick)
Tomas Clancy                         (b.1918)(Mouth-Organ)                       (Waterford)
Willie Clancy                           (1918-1973)(Piper)                               (Clare)
Eddie Clarke                           (b1945)(Harmonica)                   (Cavan)
Robert William Clarke             (1889-1934)(Piper)                                (Monaghan)
Tom Clarke                            (Piper)                                                   (Donegal)
Michael Clarkson                    (Flute)                                        (Belfast)
Bill Cleary                              (Accordion )                     (Offaly)
Dan Cleary                (1918-2004)(Whistle & Fiddle & Piano & Accordion & Piper) (Offaly)
George Cleary                         (Flute)                              (Offaly)
Nora Cleary                            (1927-1988)(Singer)                              (Clare)
Billy Clifford                             (flute & Whistle)                              (Sliabh Luachra)
John Clifford                             (accordion)                              (Sliabh Luachra)
Julia Clifford                            (1914-1997)(Fiddle)                 (Sliabh Luachra)
Fr. Charles Coen                    (Concertina)                                             (Galway)
Jack Coen                              (Flute)                                           (Galway)
Aidan Coffey                          (Accordion)                                              (Waterford)
Maire de Cogain                    (Piper)                                           (Cork)
Bernadette Collins                 (Lilting)                                                   (Cork)
Brian Collins                             (Pipes)                                   (Clare)
Kathleen Collins                     (Fiddle)                                        (Sligo)
Marion Collins                        (Fiddle)                                                    (Cork)
Michael Collins                      (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal
Siobhan Collins                      (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Tim Collins                             (Concertina)                                (Limerick)
Tim Collins                             (Concertina)                                              (SliabhLuacra)
James Coleman                         (Flute)                         (Roscommon)
Jim Coleman                               (Fiddle)                    (Sligo)
Michael Coleman                    (1891-1945)(Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Willie Coleman                       (1910-1982)(Fiddle)                                  (Sligo)
Ellen Flanagan Comerford      (Accordion)                                 (Offaly)
Gerdie Commane                   (Concertina)                                             (Clare)
Verena Commins                     (Accordion)                                           (Mayo)
Barney (Fireman) Conlon       (1899-1946)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Peter James Conlon              (1885-1954) (10-key Melodeon, piano & Banjo)    (Galway)
Rose Murphy (nee Conlon)  (b 1900) (Fiddle & Accordion)      (Galway)
Clair Connaghan                   (Fiddle)                                                        (Donegal)
John James Connaghan        (Blacksmith)(1903-1973)(Fiddle)     (Donegal)
Neville Connaghan               (Fiddle)                                                        (Donegal)
Patrick Connaghan                      (Fiddle)                                           (Donegal)
Tara Connaghan                   (Fiddle)                                                        (Donegal)
Mick Conneely                       (England)(Bouzouki & Fiddle)       (Galway)
Kevin Conneff                         (b1945)(Bodhran & Lilting)                       (Dublin)
Johnny Connolly                     (Singer &  Melodeon)                 (Galway)
Mattie Connolly                      (NewYork)(Piper)                         (Monaghan)
Maura Connolly                      (Fiddle)                                                            (Laois)
Seamus Connolly                   (Fiddle)                                           (Clare)
Eugene Connor                      (fiddle)                                        (Roscommon)
Andy Conroy                          (Piper)                                                          (Roscommon)
Kieran Convery                      (Fiddle)                                         (Antrim)
Jim Conway                           (b1916)(Fiddle)                                        (Tyrone)
J.J. Conway                           (flute)                          (Clare)
Ollie Conway                         (1922) (Dancer & Singer)                           (Clare)
Sean Conway                        (flute)                          (Clare)
Zoe Conway                          (b1981)(Fiddle)                                           (Louth)
James Coogan                       (1930-2006)(NewYork)(Accordion) (Waterford)
Mary Coogan                         (NewYork)(guitar & Banjo & Mandolin)    (Waterford)
Joe cooley                             (1924-1973) (Accordion)                        (Galway)
Seamus Cooley                     (1929-1997)(Banjo)                     (Galway)
Martin Cooney                        (Piper)                           (Tipperary)
Michael Cooney                        (Piper)                           (Tipperary)
Quentin Cooper                      (Peru)(fiddle)                         (Clare)
Mary Corcoran                       (Piano)                                                         (Dublin)
Ciara Ni Coring                       (Fiddle)                                        (Dublin)
Jimmy Cormac                        (Fiddle)                                      (Tyrone)
Rachel Corr                            (War pipes)                                                      (Tyrone)
Mairead Corridan                   (Accordion & Concertina)             (Kerry)
Willie Corrigan                        (Fiddle)                                                      (Tyrone)
Jim Corry                                    (Piano)                         (Clare)
Cecilia Costello                    (1883-1976)(Birmingham) (singer)    (Galway)
Pat Costello                         (Guitar & Bouzouki & Mandolin & Banjo & Singer) (Tipperary)
Eamon Cotter                        (Flute Maker & Flute)                                            (Clare)
Geraldine Cotter                    (Piano)                                                       (Clare)
Danny Coughlan                    (Accordion)                                     (Offaly)
Charlie Cox                           (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Eamonn Coyne                        (1927-1993)(fiddle)                                  (Roscommon)
Eamon Coyne                        (Liverpool)(Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
Maurice Coyne                       (Pipe-Maker)                       (Kildare)
Michael Coyne                       (Liverpool)( Pipes )                                         (Roscommon)
Mick  Coyne                           (Liverpool)( Pipes )                        (Roscommon)
Paul Coyne                             (Fiddle)                                         (
Terry Coyne                            (Liverpool)(Flute)                        (Roscommon)
Johnnie Crampsie                  (fiddle)                            (Donegal
Matt Cranitch                         (Fiddle)                                                      (Cork)
John Crawford Snr.                (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Kevin Crawford                      (Manchester)(Flute)                               (Clare)
Seamus Creagh                     (b1946)(Fiddle)                        (WestMeath)
John Creaven                       (Flute)                                 (Galway)
Angela Crehan                      (Whistle)                                               (Clare)
Cissie nee Walsh Crehan      (Dancer & Concertina)                     (Clare)
Ita Crehan                            (Whistle)                                               (Clare)
Kieran Crehan                       (Fiddle)                                                        (Clare)
Margaret Crehan                     (Concertina)                                             (Clare)
Martin (Junior) Crehan           (1908-1998)(Fiddle)               (Clare)
Tony Crehan                          (1943-1995) (Concertina)                       (Clare)
Vincent Crehan                          (Whistle & Concertina)              (Clare)
Richard Creasey                      (bouzouki)                                                (Fermanagh)   
Sharon Creasey                      (Flute)                                                    (Fermanagh
Dan Cronin                             (House Session)                          (Kerry)
Elizabeth (Bess) Cronin        (1879-1956)(Singer)                     (Cork)        
Johnny Cronin                        (Accordion)                                             (Kerry)
Paddy Cronin                         (b1920’s)(Fiddle)                       (Sliabh Luachra)
Martin Crossin                        (Piper)                                                        (Donegal)
Angela nee Crehan Crotty      (Whistle)                                               (Clare)
Elizabeth (Markham) Crotty       (1885-1960)(Concertina)         (Clare)
P.J. Crotty                              (died 2005)(Flute)                                  (Clare)
Jimmy Crowley                       (Accordion & Singer)                  (Cork)
P. Crowley                                    (Accordion)                           (  ?  )
Vincent Crowley                     (Lilting)                                                        (Cork)
James Cullinane                     (Fiddle)                                     (Clare)
Caitrona Cullivan                    (Lilting)                                                 (Cavan)
William Cummins                   (1894-1966)(flute)              (Tipperary)
Alphie Cunnea                         (fiddle)                              (
Con Cunnea                             (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Davey Cunnea                         (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Gerry Cunnea                         (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Tommie Cunniffe                        (Accordion)                                    (Roscommon)
Audrey Cunningham               (Piper)                                      (Carlow)
Ita Cunningham                     (Fiddle & Piano)                       (Galway)
Matt Cunningham                    (Dance & accordion)            (Galway)
Pat Cunningham                     (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Pat Cunningham                     (Piper)                                                   (Meath)
Peter Cunningham                 (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Thomas Cunningham              (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Ciaran Curren                         (Bouzouki)                                 (Fermanagh)
Cyril Curran                            (fiddle)                                     (Donegal)
Murt Curren                            (b1902)(Dancer)                                  (Wexford)
Ned Curren                            (fiddle)                                 (Fermanagh)
Tom Cussen                            (Banjo Maker & Banjo)          (Limerick)
Catherine Custy                     (Concertina)                              (Clare)
Ellen Custy                              (fiddle)                                  (Clare)
Frances Custy                        (fiddle)                                  (Clare)
Frank Custy                            (Fiddle & Banjo)                                     (Clare)
Mary Custy                             (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Tola Custy                               (Fiddle)                                                    (Clare)

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Gregory Daly                         (Flute)                                           (Sligo)
Jackie Daly                            (Accordion)                               (Sliabh Luachra)
John Daly                               (fiddle)                                          (Cork)
Patricia Daly                          (Harp)                                                       (Armagh)
Stephen Daly                        (Mandolin)                                 (Dublin)
Patrick D’Arcy                           (Piper)                                (Dublin)
Arthur Warren Darley            (1873-1929)(Fiddle)                              (Dublin)
Andrew Davey                      (1928-2005)(Fiddle)               (Sligo)
Andrew Junior Davey           (b.1966)(Fiddle & Bodhran)              (Sligo)
Dominic Davey                      (Fiddle )                                   (Sligo)
James (Sonny) Davey           (b1909)(Bodhran & Fiddle)    (Sligo)
Margaret Davey                    (Accordion)                             (Sligo)
Seana Ní Dhaithí  (Davey)    (Harp)                                                (Meath)
David  Daye                           (Pipe Maker)                        (USA)
Conor Day                             (Piper)                                                   (Belfast)
De Dannan                (Band)
Sandra Deegan                     (Tin Whistle & Flute)                                 (Carlow)
Bernard Delaney                    (Piper)                                       (Offaly)
Dinny Delaney                       (1841-1919)(Piper)                                (Galway)
Sean Dempsey                       (b1910)(Piper)                         (Kildare)
Tim Dennehy                          (Singer)                                (Kerry)
Joe Derrane                           (b1930)(Boston)(Accordion)                    (Cork)
Dervish                                 (Band)
Hughie Devanney                  (fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Seana Ní Dhaithí                    (Davey)  (Harp)                                       (Meath)
Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill      (Singer)                                               (Meath)
Neill Ni Dhomhnaill                 (1907-1984)(Singer)             (Donegal)
Triona Ni Dhomhnaill             (Singer)                                               (Meath)
Eithne Ni Dhonaile                 (harp)                                                       (Clare)
Maire Aine Ni Dhonnchadha   (1919-1991) (sean-nos)         (Galway)
Marie Nic Dhonnchadha         (sean-nos)                                                      (Galway)
Roisin Nic Dhonnacha            (Tin whistle)                              (Galway)
Dermie Diamond                   (Fiddle)                                                        (Belfast)         
Tara (Bingham) Diamond     (Flute)                                        (Down)
Mary Dillon                            (Singer)                                     (Derry)
Oliver Diviney                        (Melodeon)                                               (Galway)
Charlie Doherty                     (1880-1931)(Fiddle                  (Donegal)
Christie Doherty                   (Fiddle)                                        (Donegal)
Fanny Doherty                       (1877-1952)(Singer)                            (Donegal)
Hugh Doherty                       (b 1790 ?)(Piper & Fiddle)          (Donegal)
Hugh Doherty                       (1894-1942)(fiddle)                            (Donegal)
John Doherty                        (1900-1980)(fiddle)                    (Donegal)
Jeannie (Mc Glynn) Doherty  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Liz Doherty                            (fiddle)                                                        (Donegal)
Michael Doherty                    (b1820 ?)(Piper & Fiddle)           (Donegal)
Michael Doherty                     (1850-1934)(Piper & Fiddle)                 (Donegal)
Mickey Doherty                       (1891-1967)(fiddle)                 (Donegal)
Neil Doherty                           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Patrick Doherty                     (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Simon Doherty                       (1824-1899)(Piper & fiddle)                     (Donegal)
Simon Doherty                        (1854-1929)(Piper & Fiddle)    (Donegal)
Simon Doherty                       (1883-1961)(fiddle)                                   (Donegal)
Stephen Doherty                   (Melodeon & Flute)                        (Mayo)
Tom Doherty                          (1914-1998)(Melodeon)                                     (Donegal)
Charlie Dolan                         (Dancer)                                      (Sligo)
Charlie Snr. Dolan                 (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Charlie jnr. Dolan                   (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Jack Dolan                             (Fiddle & Flute)                     (Leitrim)
James Dolan                           (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
John Dolan                            (fiddle)                                          (Longford)
Packie Dolan                          (b1904-1932)(Fiddle)                 (Longford)
Christina Dolphin                   (Flute)                                                           (Dublin)
Frances Donahue                   (Flute)                                            (Galway)
Frances Donahue                   (Mandolin)                                                    (Cork)
Padraig Donlon                       (Tin Whistle)                                (Longford)
Jim Donoghue                         (1910-1990)(Tin Whistle)                       (Sligo)
Joe Donoghue                       (fiddle)                                        (Roscommon)         
Jackie Donnan                       (Fiddle)                                         (Down)
Francie Donnellan                  (Died 2000)(fiddle)                                          (Clare)
Johnny Donnellan                  (Melodeon & Bodhran)                 (Mayo)
Mark Donnellan                     (fiddle)                                         (Clare)
Des Donnelly                         (1933-1973)(Fiddle)                                 (Tyrone)
Dezi Donnelly                         (fiddle)
Liam Donnelly                        (fiddle)                                           (Antrim)
Maeve Donnelly                     (Fiddle)                                                           (Galway)
Mark Donnelly                        (Piper)                                          (Armagh)
Sean Donnelly                      (Accordion)                              (Galway)
Denis Doody                          (Accordion)                                                   (Kerry)
Barney Doogan                      (Fiddle)                                       (
Bob Doogan                           (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John Doogan                           (BlackSmith)(Fiddle)            (Donegal)
Tom Doorley                           (1972)(flute)                                        (Dublin)
Felix Doran                            (1915-1972)(Piper)                    (Wicklow)
Johnny Doran                        (1907-1950)(Piper)                                      (Wicklow)
Mikey Doran                          (Piper)                                            (Wicklow)
Joey Doyle                             (Flute & Piper)                                                  (Dublin)
Martin Doyle                         (Flute Maker)(Flute)                               (Dublin)
Tom Doyle                             (Flute )                                         (Mayo)
Michael Dow                         (Pipe Maker)                            (USA)
Dan Dowd                             (b1895)(Piper)                                (Dublin)
Martin Dowling                     (Lecturer & Wr iter)(Fiddle)                    ?  (Offaly) ?
Michael Downes                  (fiddle)                                                        (Clare)
Chris Droney                         (Concertina)                                      (Clare)
Eddie Duffy                           (1894 - 1986)(Flute)                                           (Fermanagh)
Eugene Duffy                      ( Flute )                                 (Roscommon)
John Duffy                            (Accordion)                                       (Fermanagh)
Johnny Duffy                        (fiddle)                                                                 (Sligo)
Philip Duffy                        (fiddle)                                                                 (Sligo)
Philip Duffy                           (Fiddle)                                                                     (Roscommon)
Alf Duggan                             (Guitar)                                            (Clare)
Packie Duignan                      (1922-1992)(Flute & Whistle)                                 (Roscommon)
Brid Dunne                        (Fiddle)                                                 (Limerick)
Catherine Dunne                  (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Christy  Dunne                      (Banjo)                                                                   (Limerick)
Johnjo Dunne                        (Banjo & Mandolin)                         (Limerick)
Micky Dunne                          (Pipe  Maker)(Piper)                                        (Limerick)
Niamh Dunne                        (Fiddle)                                                 (Limerick)
Paddy Dunne                        (Fiddle)                                                 (Limerick)
Paddy (Pecker) Dunne          (Banjo & singer)                                                (Wexford)
Molly Durkin                          (Piccolo)                                          (Galway)
Billy Dwyer                            (Drummer)                                                         (Wexford)
Finbar Dwyer                        (Accordion)                      (Cork)
John Dwyer                          (b1933)(Fiddle)                      (Cork)
Michael Dwyer                      (1942-1997)(Tin Whistle)                      (Cork)

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Seacailín Ní Ealaithe              (Flute)                               (Limerick)
Ernestine Ni Ealal                 (Concertina)                              (Mayo)
John Egan                               (1903 - 1989)(Flute)           (Sligo)
Larry Egan                              (accordion)                  (Wicklow)
Tom Egan                             (flute)                (Roscommon)
Naisrin El Safti                      (Singer)                           (Galway)
James Ennis                         (1889-1964)(Piper)                       (Dublin)
John Ennis                           (Flute & Piper)                          (Kildare)
Seamus Ennis                      (1919-1982) (Fiddle & Piper)                             (Dublin)
Tom Ennis                            (1889-1931)(Chicago)(Piper)                       (Dublin)
Amanda Nic Eochaidh          (Accordion & Piano)                              (Wexford)
Bridget (McKeon) Owens  (Singer)                                     (Roscommon)
Paddy Owens                     (1912-2001)(fiddle)                (Roscommon)

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Paddy Fahey                     (b1926)(Fiddle)                       (Galway)
John Joe Fahy                   (Melodeon)                     (Cork)
Sinead Fahy                      (Flute)                             (Waterford)
Dave Fallon                       (bodhran)                              (WestMeath)
Frank Fallon                      (Piano & Flute)                  (Sligo)
Joe Fallon                          (b1935)(Accordion)                  (Sligo)
Martin Fallon                     (died 1980)(Fiddle & Piper)                        (Roscommon)
Frank Fannon                  
  (Fiddle)                                       (
Farley "The Bearded Fiddler"     (Fiddle)                                          (Monaghan)
Lucy Farr                           (1911-2003)(Fiddle)                       (Galway)
Redmond Farragher         (Whistle & Fiddle & Piper)            (Mayo)
John Farrell                       (accordion)                (Roscommon)
Liam Farrell                      (Banjo)                                                       (Tyrone)
Patsy Farrell                     (Composer, Tin Whistle, Accordion & Fiddle)     (Tyrone)
Martin Fay                         (b 1938)(Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Prof. Aloys Fleischman     (Germany)(1910-1992)(Collector)    (Cork)
Tom Ferris                         (Accordion)                              (Wexford)
Hubert Finan                     (1912-1974)(flute)                (Roscommon)
Alec Finn                           (Bouzouki & Guitar)            (? Dublin ? )(Yorkshire)
Billy Finn                          (Piper)                                                   (Kilkenny)
Fred Finn                          (1919-1986) (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Pat Finn                            (b.1916)(flute)                (Roscommon)
Paul Finn                           (Accordion)                          (Laois)
Brian Finnegan                 (Flute)                                      (Armagh)
Fergus Finnegan               (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Ursula Finnegan                (Fiddle)                        (Cavan)
Claire Fitzpatrick               (Fiddle)                    (Waterford)
Pat Fitzpatrick                   (Flute)                              (Wexford)
Patrick Fitzpatrick             (b.1860)(flute & Piper)               (Leitrim)
Larry Wall Fitzpatrick        (1894-1955)(Piper)                         (Tipperary)
Sarah Fitzpatrick               (War pipes)                              (Wexford)
Flanagan  Brothers            (Joe & Mike & Louis)              (Waterford)
Austin Flanagan                  (b.1924)(Singer)               (Clare)
Dominick ‘Sonny’ Flanagan                         (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Joe Flanagan                     (Accordion)                           (Waterford)
Johnny Flanagan              (Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
Mike Flanagan                   (Banjo)                            (Waterford)
Michael “Straighty”Flanagan   (1893-1987) (Singer)      (Clare)
Michael Flanagan              (b.1920)(Singer)                    (Clare)
Louis Flanagan                  (Guitar & Harp)                            (Waterford)
Peter Flanagan                 (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Michael Flanigan                (Drummer)                  (Clare)
Michael Flatley                  (Chicago)(Flute & Dancer)                  (Sligo)
Tracey Fleming                  (Harp)                        (Roscommon)
Kieran Fletcher                  (Banjo)                                      (Armagh)
William H Grattan Flood    (1857-1928)(Musicologist & historian & Organ)  (Waterford)
Aidan Flynn                      (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Johnnie Flynn                     (Fiddle)                                       (
Mike Flynn                         (b1926)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Peter Flynn                        (Fiddle)                          (Sligo)
Tommy Flynn                     (Fiddle)                        (Roscommon)
Willie Fogarty                    (b.1945)(accordion)       (Tipperary)
Declan Folan                     (Fiddle)                           (Sligo)
Kathleen Ford                   (Flute)                             (Donegal)
Gerry Forde                       (Fiddle)                              (Wexford)
William Forde                   (1779-1850)(Collector)    (Cork)        
Edel Fox                           (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Martin Frain                       (Sheffield)
Dan Furey                         (1909-1993) (Dancer)                                   (Clare)
Eddie Furey                       (b.1944)(Mandolin & Bodhran & Guitar & Fiddle & Singer)   (Dublin)
Finbar Furey                     (b.1946)(Piper & Banjo & Whistle & Singer)     (Dublin)
George Furey                   (b.1951)(Banjo & Guitar & singer )          (Dublin)    
Nora (Connolly) Furey    (Accordion & Banjo & singer)                     (Dublin)
Paul Furey                       (1948-2002)(Accordion)                     (Dublin)
Ted Furey                        (Whistle & Banjo & Singer & Fiddle & Piper)   (Dublin)
Mick Furlong                     (Mouth Organ)                              (Wexford)

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Caitlin Nic Gabhann          (Concertina)                                  (Meath)
Martin Gaffney                 (flute)                                    (Cavan)
Michael Gaffney                (b.1896)(fiddle, flute & accordion)             (Leitrim)
Aoife Gallagher                (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Connie Gallagher              (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Croidhe Gallagher           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Eithne Gallagher              (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Hughie Gallagher             (1876-1916)(Piper)                                     (Donegal)
Joe Gallagher                   (1913 - 1979)(Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
John (the Tae) Gallagher (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Michael Gallagher             (1890-1972)(Whistle & Piper)              (Leitrim)
Michael Gallagher            (fiddle)                        (Tyrone)
Niamh Gallagher              (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Paddy (the Tae) Gallagher  (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Tommy Gallagher            (Singer)                        (Tyrone)
Joe Lackey Gallagher       (1918-1979)(Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
Johnnie Gallagher             (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
John Gallagher                 (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Mickey Gallagher              (1879-1958)(Piper)                                    (Donegal)
Bernard Galligan              (1920-1979)(Flute, whistle & Accordion)                  (Cavan)
Ellen Nell (nee McCarthy) Galvan (b1887-1961)(Concertina & Fiddle)     (Clare)
Patrick Galvin                   (fiddle)                                                     (Clare)
Ronan Galvin                   (Fiddle)                                  (Donegal)
Roy Galvin                        (Tin Whistle)                               (Limerick)
Stephen Galvin                 (Piano & Flute)                       (Clare)
James Gandsey                (1769-1857)(Piper)               (Kerry)
Tom Ganley                      (Flute Maker)               (Roscommon)
James Gannon                  (Accordion & Concertina)                     (WestMeath)
Jamesy Gannon               (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
John Joe Gannon              (Accordion)                     (WestMeath)
Tom Gannon                    (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Michael Gara                    (flute)                       (Roscommon)
Bobby Gardiner                (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
John Joe Gardiner            (1893-1979)(Fiddle & Flute)             (Sligo)
Thomas Garoghan           (b.1845)(England)(Piper)               (Mayo)
Liam Gaul                        (Whistling & Accordion)                              (Wexford)
Frank Gavigan                 (Accordion)                              (WestMeath)
James Gavigan                 (Fiddle)                                        (
Joe Gavigan                     (Fiddle)                                        (Derry)
Frankie Gavin                  (Fiddle)                       (Galway)
Larry Gavin                       (Accordion)              (WestMeath)
Paddy Gavin                   (Accordion)                       (Dublin)
Maire Ni Ghrada               (piper)                      (Cork)
Seamus Gibson                (fiddle)                                  (Donegal)
Con Gildea                      (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
John Gildea                     (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Pat Gillan                         (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Hugh Gillespie                  (1906-1986)(Fiddle)                               (Donegal)
Jim Gillespie                     (accordion)                               (Donegal)
Johnnie Gillespie              (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Mickey Gillespie               (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Francie Ambrose Given    (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Catherine (O'Reilly) Glackin    (Fiddle)                                       (Cavan)
Paddy Glackin                   (b1954)(fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Tom Glackin                      (b.1925)(fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Darina Gleeson                 (Singer)                              (Wexford)
Michael Anthony Glynn           (1900-1943)(Flute)                       (Roscommon)
James Goodman              (1828-1896)(Collector, Piper & Singer)        (Kerry)
Charlie Joe Gordon         (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Francie Gordon               (fiddle)                                               (
John James Gordon         (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
John Joe Gordon                         (b.1928)(Fiddle)                                 (Fermanagh)
Johnny (Jack the Piper) Gorman    (d.1917)(Fiddle & Piper)            (Roscommon)
Michael Gorman                          (1895-1970)(fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Ned Gorman                        (Piper)                                    (WestMeath)
Marie (nee Nugent)  Gormley    (accordion)                               (Fermanagh)
Brona Graham                (Banjo)                                              (Fermanagh)
Len Graham                    (Singer)                                    (Antrim)
Aoife Granville                (Flute)                                  (Kerry)
John Grey                          (1936 - 1992)(Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
Stephen Grier                  (1824-1894)(Fiddle & Pipe)                    (Longford)
Claire Griffin                      (accordion)                                   (Clare)
John Griffin                       (singer & Flute)               (Roscommon)
Sean Griffin                        (Drums)                                   (Clare)
Vincent Griffin                     (Fiddle)                                  (Clare)
Helena Rowsome (Grimes) (Piper & Harp & Flute & Whistle)    (Dublin)
Dermot Grogan                 (1958-2006)(Accordion)                              (Mayo)
Michael Grogan                  (1885-1959( (Accordian)                  (WestMeath)
Peter Guinan                    (1875-1949)(Tin Whistle)                      (Offaly)
Hugh Gunn                        (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
John Gunn                        (fiddle)                                               (Fermanagh)
Katie Gunn                       (Lilting)                                              (Fermanagh)
Tommy (Jason) Gunn       (b1912)(Fiddle)                              (Fermanagh)

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Reg Hall                             (b.1935)(Writer & Melodeon & Fiddle & Piano)   (England)
George Halpin                   (fiddle)                          (  ?  )
Patrick ‘Paddy’ Haly          (1748 - 1813)(Piper)                        (Donegal)
Gráinne Hambly                (Concertina & Harp)                              (Mayo)
Colin (Hammy) Hamilton   (b1953)(Flute Maker)( Singer,Writer & Flute)    (Belfast)
Connie Hanafin                (Accordion)                                     (Kerry)
Micheal Hanafin                (1880-1970) (Fiddle)                                   (Kerry)
William (Billy) Hanafin       (Piper)                               (Kerry)
Bill Haneman                       (Pipemaker)                      (Dublin)
Gerry Hanley                    (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Patsy Hanley                    (Flute)               (Roscommon)
Robbie Hannan                (Presenter & Piper)                                (Belfast)
Joan Hanrahan                (Presenter & Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Kieran Hanrahan             (Presenter & Banjo)                                   (Clare)
Janet Harbison                (Harp)                       (Dublin)
Lesl Harker                      (Flute & Collector)      (U.S.A)
Frank Harkin                   (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Hugh James Harkin         (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Joe Harkin                       (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Johnnie Harkin                (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Damien Harrigan             (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Paul Harrigan                  (Piper)                            (Donegal)
Roisin Harrigan                  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Gerry Harrington             (Fiddle)                            (Kerry)
Kathleen Harrington        (1903-1984)(Fiddle)                                (Sligo)
Francis Harrison              (Flute)              (Leitrim)
John Vincent Harrison      (1927-2009)(Fiddle)          (Leitrim)
Mary “Travers” Harrison  (Fiddle)                             (Leitrim)
Michael Harrison              (Fiddle)                         (Tipperary)
Barney Harper                 (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Brid Harper                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Pat Harper                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Siobhan Harper               (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Stephen Harper               (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Bill Harte                          (Accordion)                       (Dublin)
Frank Harte                     (1933-2005)(Song Collector & Singer)               (Dublin)
Mickey Harvey                (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Pat Harvey                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Tom Harvey                     (fiddle)                             (
Gerald Haugh                  (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Bernard Haughey            (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Connie Haughey                (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Deirdre Havlin                  (Whistle & Flute)                    (Antrim)
Cathal Hayden                 (Fiddle)                                                (Tyrone)
Joe Hayes                        (Banjo)                                               (Clare)
Josie Hayes                     (died 1992)(Whistle & Flute)                        (Clare)
Kitty nee Smith Hayes    (died 2008)(Singer & Concertina)             (Clare)
Martin Hayes                   (Fiddle)                                                           (Clare)
P .Joe. Hayes                  (1921-2001) (Fiddle)                    (Clare)
Paddy Hayes                   (Concertina)                              (Wexford)
Hugh Healy                      (Concertina)                           (Clare)
Colm Healy                      (Accordion)                             (Clare)
Sinéad Healy                   (Accordion)                              (Mayo)
Tommy Healy                  (flute)                              (Sligo)
Francie Hegarty              (died 1942)(fiddle)                             (
Paddy Hegarty                (fiddle)                                 (Donegal)
Nuala Hehir                    (Accordion)                     (Clare)
Anthony Helferty            (died 1882)(Composer & fiddle)      (Donegal)(Inishowen)
Áine Heneghan                (Harp)                              (Mayo)
Patrick Hennelly               (b1896)(Pipe Maker)              (Mayo)
Dave Hennessey            (Melodeon)                     (Cork)
Batt Henry                        (fiddle)                                       (Sligo)
Carmel (nee Henry) Mc Hale  (Sean-Nos)                             (Sligo)
John Henry                       (Accordion)                                        (Derry)
Kevin Henry                    (Whistle & Flute & Fiddle & Piper)          (Sligo)
Maggie Henry                 (Flute & fiddle)                                       (Sligo)
Martin Henry                    (Songwriter & Poet)                           (Sligo)
Mary Henry                      (singer)                                       (Sligo)
Thomas Henry                  (Lilter)                                       (Sligo)
Johnny Henry                   (1922-1997)(flute & fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Verona Henry                  (fiddle)                                       (Sligo)
Veronica Henry                 (fiddle)                                       (Sligo)
Aine Hensey                     (Presenter)                       (
Dan Herlihy                      (Accordion)                       (Sliabh Luachra)
Marcus Hernon                 (Flute-Maker & flute)                      (Galway)
Mick Hernon                     (Fiddle)                                (
P. J. Hernon                     (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Tommy Hester                 (Fiddle)                         (Roscommon)
Lorraine Hickey               (Fiddle)                               (Sligo)
Martin Hickey                  (Melodeon)                      (Offaly)
Charlie Higgins               (flute)                            (Leitrim)
Jim Higgins                      (Bodhran)                       (Galway)
Noel Hill                          (Concertina)                                (Clare)
John Hoban                  (Mandolin & Accordion & fiddle)   (Mayo)
John Hogan                   (Banjo)                              (Wexford)
Joe Holmes                     (1906-1978)(singer & Fiddle)              (Antrim)
Paddy Homan                (Singer)                                    (Cork)
Peter Horan                   (b1926)(Flute)                                                  (Sligo)
Seamus Horan                (b1932)(Accordion & Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
Ferard Horgan                (Accordion)                      (Cork)
John Howard                  (b1942)(Fiddle)                             (Dublin)
Martin Howley                   (1902-1981)(Singer & Concertina)        (Clare)
Tony Howley                 (Flute & Saxaphone)             (Sligo)
Mick Hoy                          (1913-2000)(Fiddle)                            (Fermanagh)
Michael Hubbert              (Pipe Maker)
Jimmy Hueston                (b.1919)(Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Owen Hughes                  (Fiddle)                                   (Roscommon)
Henry Hudson                 (1798-1889)(Collector)                           (Dublin)
Mairead Hurley                (Concertina)                                (Sligo)
Michael Hunt                   (b1904)(Fiddle)                                 (Sligo)
Tommy Hunt                    (1908-1994)(Piper)                             (Sligo)

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Andy Irvine      (b. 1942) (London)(Mandolin & Bouzouki & SongWriter & Singer)    (Antrim)
Eileen Ivers                   (b.1965)(NewYork)(Banjo & Fiddle)                (Mayo)

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Thomas Jacob                   (Piccolo & flute)          (  ?  )
Adrian Jefferies               (Pipe-Maker & Piper)                              (Antrim)
Thomas Johnson               (Piper)                                (Monaghan)
Tom Johnston                   (Fiddle)                              (Sligo)
Paddy Jones                     (Fiddle)                               (Kerry)
Frank Jordan                     (b.1923)(flute)            (Roscommon)
Mary Ellen (Ford)  Jordan    (concertina)                  (Roscommon)
Pat Jordan                          (Whistle & Lilter)             (Roscommon)
Thomas Jordan                    (Flute)                                 (Roscommon)
Tom Jordan                        (Flute)                                 (Roscommon)
Patrick Weston Joyce      (1827-191)(Collector)      (Limerick)

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Eleanor (nee Kane) Neary  (1915-1993) (Chicago) (Piano)     (Mayo)
Liz Kane                             (Fiddle)                       (Galway)
Yvonne Kane                      (Fiddle)                       (Galway)
Theresa Kavanagh               (fiddle)                           (Donegal)
Conor Keane                      (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
Dolores Keane                     (b.1953)(Singer)                  (Galway)
Jack Keane                             (Drummer)                     (Clare)
James Keane                      (b1948)(Accordion)                       (Dublin)
Rita Keane                          (1922-2009)(Accordion & Singer & Song Collector) (Galway)
Tommy Keane                     (b1953)(Piper)                             (Waterford)
Sean Keane                        (b1946)(Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Felix Kearney                         (1889-1997)(Songwriter & Poet & Fiddle)  (Tyrone)
Patrick (Packeen) Kearney  (1870-1941)(Piper)                        (Galway)
Tommy Kearney                  (Piper)                             (Waterford)
Maeve Kearse                     (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Josephine Keegan              (Piano & Fiddle)                                      (Armagh)
Niall Keegan                        (Flute)                       (England)(Limerick)
Paddy Keenan                    (b1950)(Piper)                                  (Meath)
Tommy Keenan                 (Whistle & Flute)                  (Meath)
Tommy Keenan                    (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Charlie Keeney                   (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Eddie Keeney                      (b.1922)(Fiddle & Accordion)    (Donegal)
John Parnell Keeney         (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Sonny Keeney                     (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Michael Kelleher                 (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Mikey Kellehar                  (1907-1987)(Singer & Dancer)   (Clare)
Alan Kelly                           (b1972)(Accordion)                        (Roscommon)
Eddie Kelly                         (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Francie Kelly                       (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Frank Kelly                          (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
James Kelly                        (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Jimmy Kelly                           (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
John Kelly                           (1912-1989)  (Fiddle)        (Clare)
John Kelly                           (Flute)                                 (Clare)
John Jnr Kelly                      (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Kieran Kelly                         (Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Laoise Kelly                         (Harp)                              (Mayo)
Liam Kelly                             (Flute)                               (Sligo)
Mick Kelly                               (Mouth organ)                            (Donegal)
Pat Kelly                              (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Pat Kelly                              (Fiddle)                                     (Tyrone)
Patrick Kelly                        (1903-1975)(Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Fr. Patrick J. Kelly              (1925-2006)(Composer & Accordion)      (Galway)
Thomas Kenna                     (Pipe-Maker)                     (WestMeath)
Timothy Kenna                     (Pipe-Maker)                     (WestMeath)
Frankie Kennedy                (Flute)                                (Belfast)
John Kennedy                     (singer & Tin whistle & Flute)                  (Antrim)
William Kennedy                  (1768-1833)(Pipe Maker)             (Down)
Bridget (Fintan) Kenny        (Melodeon)                      (Roscommon)
Jack Kenny                         (Accordion)                      (Roscommon)
Lisa Kenny                          (Harp)                              (Mayo)
Pat Kenny                               (1884-1975)(Fiddle)      (Roscommon)
Alex Kerr                             (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Barry Kerr                           (Flute & Piper)                                      (Armagh)
Lucy Kerr                            (Harp)                                        (Derry)
Jim Kerrigan                       (Piper)                 (Kilkenny)
Breda Keville                      (Fiddle)                       (Galway)
Clare Keville                       (Concertina)                       (Galway)
Daniel Kilfeather                 (Fiddle & Flute)                                (
Kilfenora Ceili Band                                                  (Clare)
Jimmy Killeen                          (fiddle)                       (Mayo)
Paddy Killoran                    (1904-1965)(Fiddle)                                (Sligo)
Johnny Killourhy                 (Tin Whistle)                                   (Clare)
Paddy Killourhy                  (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Liz King                              (Tin Whistle)                              (Wexford)
Michael King                       (Flute)                               (Limerick)
Philip King                          (b.1950)(Harmonica & Film maker)               (Cork)
P.J King                              (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
David Kinsella                    (Piper)                      (Offaly)
James Kinsella                   (Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Larry Kinsella                       (Accordion & Concertina)                 (Wexford)
Mick Kinsella                     (Harmonica & Concertina)                (Carlow)
Pádraig Kinsella                 (Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Brian Krause                      (Whistle/Pipe Maker) (Flute & Piper) (Galway)

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Bridie Lafferty                   (piano)                       (Dublin)
Eugene Lambe                 (Flute & Pipe Maker)(Piper)                       (Dublin)
Chris Kitty Langan              (1915-1993)( Whistle & Pipes)             (Dublin)
Julia Langan                      (Fiddle)                              (Mayo)
Brendan Larrissey             (Fiddle)                  (Louth)
Brian Lavery                    (Fiddle)                                        (Derry)
Mark Lavery                     (Fiddle)                                        (Derry)
Fiona Lavin                        (whistle & Piano & Fiddle)      (Mayo)
Michael Lawlor                  (Bodhran)                              (Wexford)
Ciara¡n Leahy                   (Bodhran)                      (Cork)
Tim Leahy                         (Accordion)                            (Kerry)
Ed Lee                                   (b.1889)(Piano)          (London)
Des Leech                         (Flute)                       (Dublin)
Joe Leheny                      (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Jennifer Lenihan              (Flute)                                   (Clare)
Tom Lenihan                      (1905-1990)(Singer)      (Clare)
Ben Lennon                       (b1938)(Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
Charlie Lennon                  (Composer, Piano & Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
Maurice Lennon                 (Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
John Leslie                         (Fiddle)                                       (
Pat Leslie                           (1886-1955)                       (Donegal)
Solen Lesouef                    (Flute Maker)(Flute)           (Brittany
Liam Lewis                          (Fiddle)                                        (Derry)
Bernadette Liddy                (Fiddle)                                   (Clare) 
Denis Liddy                        (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Joe Liddy                           (b1916)(Fife, Accordion,Fiddle & Melodeon)  (Leitrim)
Mary Liddy                        (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Tommy Liddy                      (accordion)                           (Leitrim)
Barry Limerick                    (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Kitty  Linnane                     (1921-1992) (Piano & Fiddle)                           (Clare)
Tony Linnane                     (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Meadhbh Ni Loclainn          (Flute)                       (Dublin)
Liam Mac Con Lomaire       (sean-nos)                       (Galway)
Martin Long                         (1903-1981)(Singer)         (Clare)
Dr. Bill Loughnane              (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
John Loughran                  (Fiddle)                                     (Tyrone)
Lunasa                                 (Band)
Donal Lunny                      (bouzouki & Guitar)                          (Kildare)
Cathal Lynch                       (Singer)                                     (Tyrone)
John  Lynch                         (Banjo)                                   (Clare)
Nonie Lynch                        (b.1910)(Singer)                   (Clare)
Pat  Lynch                           (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Patrick Lynch                     (b.1954)                        (Clare)
Jimmy Lyons                        (Fiddle)                                              (Donegal)
Neill Lyons                          (b.1978)(Bodhran)                (Dublin)

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Alphonsus Mac a’Bhaird       (fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Columba Mac a’Bhaird          (fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John na gCuinneagain Mac a’Bhaird  (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Seamus Mac a’Bhaird           (Dancer)                                       (Donegal)
Eogan Mac Eogain                 (flute)                      (Dublin)
Tomas Mac Aogain                (Fiddle)                              (Wexford)
Caoimhin Mac Aoidh             (fiddle)                                                      (Donegal)
Colm Mac Confhaola              (Singer)                              (Wexford)  
Pat Pheadar Mhick Mac Dabhait  (Fiddle)                              (Donegal)
Oisin  Mac  Diarmada            (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Mairtin Mac Donnacha          (sean-nos)                       (Galway)
Peadar Mac Eli                      (Melodeon)                              (Mayo)
Gearoid Mac Eogain              (Accordion)                                (Monaghan)
Ciaran Mac Feilimidh             (Piper)                             (Donegal)
Antoin Mac Gabhann             (b1945)(Fiddle)                             (Cavan)
Dominic Mac Giolla Bhride     (Piper)                           (Donegal)
Ronan Mac Grianna               (Fiddle)                              (Mayo)
Seosamh Mac Grianna         (Fiddle & Flute & Whistle & Accordion)       (Donegal)
Roddie Mac Isaac                 (fiddle)
Liam    Mac   Con Lomaire       (sean-nos)                       (Galway)
Blind Fiddler Mac Lochlainn  (fiddle)                               (Donegal)(Sliabh Liag)
Proinsias Mac Loscaigh         (Piper)                          (Donegal)
Tony Mac Mahon                    (b1939)(Accordion)                  (Clare)
Denis Mac Mahon                  (Fiddle)                                             (Kerry)
Ciaran Mac Mathuna              (b1925)(Collector & Broadcaster)      (Limerick)
Lorcan Mac Mathuna              (Singer Sean Nos)                   (Cork)
Andrew Mac Namara              (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
Joe Mac Namara                    (accordion)                               (Clare)
Mary Mac Namara                   (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Pat Mac Namara                     (1895-1977)(Singer)          (Clare)
Paddy Mac Namara                  (accordion)                               (Clare)
Sean Mac Namara                   (fiddle)                                    (England)(Liverpool)
Paidraig Mac Suibhne             (storyteller & singer)                                              (Donegal
Nannie Rua Mac Sweeney      (b1800 ?)(Lilter & Singer)                                       (Donegal)
Turloch Mac Sweeney            (1829-1930)  (piper)                                         (Donegal)

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Johnny Mc Afee                      (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Johnny Mc Aleese                  (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Sean Mc Aloon                       (1923-1998)(Pipe Maker)                     (Fermanagh)
Gabriel Mc Ardle                     (Concertina)                          (Fermanagh)
Collette Mc Aree                     (Fiddle)                                       (
John Henry Mc Auley             (died 1937)(fiddle)          (Antrim)
Oisin Mc Auley                        (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Cassie Mc Bride                     (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Charlie Mc Bride                    (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Jimmy Mc Bride                       (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Willie Mc Bride                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Sally Mc Bride                        (fiddle)                                                  (Donegal)
Andy Mc Cafferty                   (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Julie Ann Mc Cafferty             (Tin whistle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Tom Mc Cafferty                     (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Brenda Mc Cann                     (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Charlie Mc Cahill                    (Fiddle)(died 1947)                           (Donegal)
Pat Mc Cahill                         (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Willie Mc Cahill                         (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Conor Mc Carthy                     (Accordion)                           (Clare)
Jamesie Mc Carthy                  (1898-1977)(Singer)       (Clare)
John Mc Carthy                       (1906-1975) (Piper)                 (Kilkenny)
Johnny Mc Carthy                   (Accordion)                          (Clare)
May Mc Carthy                        (1890-1961)(Piper)                      (Cork)
Seán Mc Carthy                      (Piper)                           (Cork)
Thomas Mc Carthy                  (1799-1904)(Piper)                               (Kerry)
Tommy Mc Carthy                    (1929-2000)(Piper,Whistle & Concertina)     (Clare)
Danny Mc Carry                       (Fiddle)                                                         (Donegal)
Barney Mc Cauley                 (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Niall Mc Clean                         (fiddle)                                              (Down)
Dr. Malachy Mc Closkey       (fiddle)                            (Belfast)
Stumpy Mc Closkey               (Fiddle)                                                 (Antrim)
Frank Mc Collam                   (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Brian Mc Comb                      (Lancashire)
Billy McComiskey                   (NewYork)(Accordion)                       (Galway)
Mc Connells Four Leaf Shamrock Orchestra       
Adam Mc Connell                  (fiddle)                                (  ?  )
Alec Mc Connell                     (1871-1933)(fiddle)                                        (Donegal)
Cathal Mc Connell                 (Flute)                                              (Fermanagh)
Jim Mc Connell                    (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Mary Mc Connell                   (b 1859 ?)(Lilter & Singer)                                        (Donegal)
Mickey Mc Connell                (1863-1918)(fiddle)                                        (Donegal)
Peter Mc Connell                  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Vincent Mc Connell               (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Anne Marie Mc Cormack        (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
John Mc Cormack                  (1884-1945)(Singer)                 (WestMeath)
John Mc Cormack                  (fiddle)                                   (  ?  )
June Mc Cormack                  (Flute)                                      (Sligo)
Martin Mc Cormack                (Piper)                                (Monaghan)
Billy Mc Cormick                   (b.1959)(Piper)                              (Antrim)
Jack Mc Cutheon                     (Singer)                              (Wexford)  
Jimmy Mc Dade                       (banjo)                                (  ?  )
Fred Mc Daid                           (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Paddy Mc Daid                       (Lilter & Singer)                                       (Donegal)
Ciara Mc Dermott                   (Whistle)                              (WestMeath)
Elaine Mc Dermott                 (Accordion)                                     (Tyrone)
Josie Mc Dermott                   (1925-1992)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Michael (Master) Mc Dermott      (Fiddle)                                      (Tyrone)
Pat Mc Dermott                      (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Johnny Ringo Mc Donagh        (Bodhran)                            (? Dublin ?) 
Larry Mc Donagh                   (1911-1984)(Flute & Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Michael Joe Mc Donagh         (1904-1988) (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Paddy Mc Donagh                 (1902-1985)(Whistle & Flute)                  (Sligo)
Patsy Mc Donagh                  (Accordion)                             (Galway)
Sonny Mc Donagh                 (1926-1991)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Randal Mc Donnell                 (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Jack Mc Duff                          (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Hugh Mc Dyer                       (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Paddy ‘Pat’ Mc Dyer                 (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Sean Mc Elwain                      (guitar & Bouzouki)                                (Monaghan)
Paddy Mc Enespie                   (Fiddle)                                     (Tyrone)
Patrick Mc Entee                     (1939-1986)(Fiddle)                  (Cavan)
Bill Mc Evoy                           (b1923)(Singer & Fiddle)                          (Laois)
Catherine Mc Evoy                  (b1956)(Birmingham)(Flute)                        (Roscommon)
Conor Mc Evoy                       (Fiddle)                                  (Meath)
John Mc Evoy                          (Fiddle)(Birmingham)                                 (Roscommon)
Mark Mc Evoy                        (Flute)                                (Roscommon)
Sarah Mc Evoy                        (Singer)                                 (Roscommon)
Paddy (Bazzar) Mc Faddan   (Trick Fiddler & Fiddle)                              (Derry)
Frank Mc Fadden                    (1911-1976) (Pipe-Maker)                                (Belfast)
Sam Mc Farlane                     (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Andy Mc Gann                        (NewYork)(Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Mary Kate (Mc Gee) Mc Garrigle 
(Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Thomas Mc Garrigle              (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Felix Mc Garvey                      (Flute)                                              (Fermanagh)
George Mc Gee                      (Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Hughie Mc Gee                   
  (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John Mc Gee                       
  (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Mick Mc Gee                       
  (Fiddle)                                       (
Pat  Mc Gee                         
  (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John Mc Gettigan                    (b.1882)(Fiddle)                                 (Donegal)
Jimmy Mc Gettrick                   (1909-1998)(Tin Whistle)                  (Sligo)
Brian Mc Gill                           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Colin Mc Gill                            (accordion)                          (Laois)
Jim Mc Gill                              (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
John   Mc Gill                         (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Willie Mc Gill                           (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Andy Mc Ginley                      (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Barney Mc Ginley                  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Con Mc Ginley                        (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Condai Mc Ginley                   (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Derek Mc Ginley                     (Fiddle)                                                              (Donegal)
John Mc Ginley                       (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John  (Mosie) Mc Ginley        (b.mid 1840’s)(Composer & Fiddle)  (Donegal)
Kathleen Mc Ginley               (Fiddle)                                                     (Donegal)
Martin Mc Ginley                     (Fiddle)                               (Donegal)
Maurice (Mosie) Mc Ginley    (b.1930)(fiddle)                (Donegal)
Moses Mc Ginley                    (Blacksmith & fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Nancy Mc Ginley                     (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Padai (Mosie) Mc Ginley      (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Paddy Mc Ginley                   (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Sean Mc Ginley                      (Piper)                    (Donegal)
Eamon Mc Givney                  (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Brendan Mc Glinchey             (fiddle)                                      (Armagh)
Paul Mc Glinchey                   (Flute)                         (Tyrone)
Arty Mc Glynn                        (Guitar & Singer)                          (Tyrone)
Padai Bhartlai Mc Glynn        (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Alice Mc Goldrick           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Laurence Mc Goldrick           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Mick Mc Goldrick                    (b1971) (Piper & flute)
Andy Mc Googan                    (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Brian Mc Govern                   (Piper)                         (Donegal)
Hugh Mc Govern                   (fiddle)                             (Cavan)
Daniel Mc Gowan                   (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Harry Mc Gowan                     (b1937)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Paddy Mc Gowan                  
(fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Ted Mc Gowan                       (b1933)(Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Hugo Mc Grath                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Jim Mc Grath                           (Accordion)                                              (Fermanagh)
John Mc Grath                         (1900-1955)(Fiddle & Accordion)         (Mayo)
Tom Pat Mc Grath                  (fiddle)                                          (Roscommon)
Vincent McGrath                    (Accordion)                                       (Mayo)
Peg Needham (McGrath)       (1948-1995)(Whistle & Flute)    (Roscommon)
Paul Mc Grattan                      (flute)                       (Dublin)
Finbar Mc Greevy                    (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Phil Mc Groarty                      (b.1897)(Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Ann Mc Groary                       (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Ciaran Mc Guinness                (flute)                    (Longford)
Manus Mc Guire                     (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Mary Mc Guire                       (Fiddle)               
Sean Mc Guire                       (1927-2005)(Fiddle)                                (Belfast)
Seamus Mc Guire                  (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Jim Mc Gurk                            (1904-1978)(Singer & fiddle)           (Tyrone)
Tom Mc Hale                          (1946-1977)(Whistle)                        (Roscommon)
Cassie Mc Henry                    (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Brendan Mc Hugh                  (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Francie Mc Hugh                    (b.1906)(fiddle)                      (Donegal)
Frank Mc Hugh                        (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
James Josie Mc Hugh             (1917-1979)(Fiddle)                                      (Donegal)
Jimmy Mc Hugh                       (fiddle)                                            (Tyrone)
Joseph Mc Hugh                    (Piper)                                        (Derry)
Francis Mc Ilduff                     (Piper)                                                                (Belfast)
Martin Mc Intyre                     (Pipe Maker & Piper)                         (Donegal)
Terry Mc InTyre                 
  (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Mike Mc Kee                          (accordion)                                          (Clare)
Barney Mc Kenna                    (b1939)(Banjo & Mandolin)                       (Dublin)
John Mc Kenna                       (1880-1947)(Flute)              (Leitrim)
Gay Mc Keon                          (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Sean Mc Keon                        (Piper)                                     (Dublin)
John Mc Keown                     (Fiddle)                         (Tyrone)
Jim Mc Killop                         (Composer & Violin-Maker & fiddle)   (Antrim)
Catherine (nee Nugent) McLaughlin  (singer)                                (Fermanagh)
Dermot Mc Laughlin               (Fiddle)                                        (Derry)
Dinny Mc Laughlin                  (b1935)(fiddle)                                  (Donegal)
Edel Mc Laughlin                    (Tin Whistle & Piano Accordion)            (Donegal)
Finbar Mc Laughlin                 (Piper)                                        (Derry)
Jimmie Mc Laughlin                (Piper)              (Unknown  ?  )
Jimmy Mc Laughlin                 (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John Mc Laughlin                  (Fiddle)                                      (Antrim)
John Dan Mc Laughlin           (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Donal Mc Mahon                        (Flute Maker)                            (Clare)
James Mc Mahon                   (Flute)                                              (Fermanagh)
Fintan Mc Mahon                    (Piano)                                   (Clare)
Tommy Mc Mahon                (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
John Mc Manus                      (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Pat Mc Manus                        (Fiddle)                                              (Fermanagh)
Joe Mc Menamin                    (1911-1985)(Accordion & Piper)           (Tyrone)
Micheal McMenamen             (Fiddle)                                                           (Donegal)
Paddy Mc Menamin               (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Tommy Mc Menamin             (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Eddie Mc Monagle                 (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Dominic Mc Nabb                   (fiddle)                                           (Antrim)
Brian Mc Namara                   (Piper)                                 (Leitrim)
Christy Mc Namara               (Photographer & Accordion)                                   (Clare)
Joe Mc Namara                     (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Paddy Mc Namara                 (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
James Mc Namee                  (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
James Mc Neilis                    (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
John Mc Neilis                      (Fiddle)                                       (
Frances Mc Peakes                (b 1917)(Piper)                                (Belfast)
Frank Mc Peakes                    (b 1885) (Piper)                                (Belfast)
James Mc Peakes                   (b 1936)(Fiddle, Piano & Harp)        (Belfast)
Gerard Mc Quaid                    (Singer)                                (Monaghan)
Noreen Mc Quaid                   (Accordion)                                (Monaghan)
Mick Mc Shane                         (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
John Mc Sherry                       (Piper)                                (Belfast)
Bridget Della (Kelly) Mc Sweeney    (Concertina)                     (Tipperary)
Maurice Mc Sweeney              (b.1885)(Melodeon & accordion)        (Cork)
Kevin Mc Tiernan                   (Whistle & Flute)              (Leitrim)
Michael John Mc Tiernan       (Drums & Singer)              (Leitrim)

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Peter Mackey                        (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Joanie Madden                      (NewYork)(Flute)                         (Galway)
Joe Madden                         (accordion)                                 (Galway)
Stephan Madden                   (Banjo)                                   (Clare)
Chris Maguire                             (accordion)                               (Armagh)
Christopher Maguire             (Melodeon)                                              (Fermanagh)
Cyril Maguire                          (Writer & Flute)                                 (Fermanagh)
Davy Maguire                                (Flute)                         (Belfast)
Johnnie Maguire                     (Tin Whistle)                                       (Cavan)
Tommy Maguire                     (Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Sean Maguire                         (b1928)(Fiddle)                             (Belfast)
James Mahon                        (Flute & Piper)                       (Dublin)
Jack Makem                           (1920-1990)(Fiddle Pipes & Whistle)       (Armagh)
Peter Makem                         (Fiddle)                                      (Armagh)
Sarah Makem                        (1900-1983) (Singer)                                      (Armagh)
Tommy Makem                      (1932-2007) (Banjo,Guitar,whistle & Bagpipes)    (Armagh)
Bill  Malley                              (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Pakie Malley                          (Tulla house session)                                   (Clare)
Annie  (Maloney)  Russell     (Melodeon & Concertina)                    (Clare)
Marcus Maloney                    (Banjo)                               (Limerick)
Luke Maree                             (flute)                                (Roscommon)
Elizabeth (Markham) Crotty       (1885-1960)(Concertina)         (Clare)
Maggie Markham                     (Concertina)                                (Clare)
Andy Marley                       (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Jimmy Marley                     (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Kate Marquis                        (Mandolin)                                (Monaghan)
Josephine Marsh                  (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
Pat Marsh                             (Bouzouki)                                   (Clare)
Aedin Martin                          (Harp)                       (Dublin)
Phil Philip Martin                 (1907-1942)(Piper)                           (Fermanagh)
Tommy Martin                      (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Tony Martin                          (b 1917) (Fiddle Maker)                              (Mayo)
Emer Mayock                         (Flute)                                        (Mayo)
John Mayock                         (Bouzouki)                                        (Mayo)
Ned Meagher                       ( Flute & Tin Whistle)                      (Cork)
Charlie Meelan                     (Fiddle)                                       (
Danny Meehan                     (b1940)(Fiddle)                                  (Donegal)
Eddie Meehan                      (accordion & Flute)                         (Sligo)
Edward Meehan                   (Flute)                                    (Leitrim)
Jimmy Meehan                     (1903-1986)(Fiddle & Melodeon) (Donegal)
Jimmy Meehan                     (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Kitty Meehan                         (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Martin Meehan                     (Manchester)(Flute)                      (Offaly)
Nan (Sheerin) Meehan       (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Paul Meehan                        (Manshester)(Guitar & Banjo)               (Armagh)
Peter Meehan                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Seamus Meehan                  (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Mel Mercier                           (b1959)(Composer & Bodhran)                       (Dublin)
Peadar Mercier                     (b1914)(Bodhran)                       (Dublin)
Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh        (fiddle & Singer)                             (Donegal)
Mairead Mhic Dhonneha       (1945)(sean-nos)                            (Kerry)
Amelia Ni Mhurchu                (Singer)                                (Monaghan)
Noreen Ni Mhurchu               (Tin Whistle)                      (Cork)
Paddy Mills                           (composer & Fiddle)           (Mayo)
Kevin Mitchell                          (b1940)(Singer)                                        (Derry)
Pat Mitchell                                     (Piper)                       (Galway)
Johnnie (an Fidleir Beag) Molloy      (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Joe Molloy                                        (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Matt Molloy                            (Flute)                        (Roscommon)
Ryan Molloy                               (fiddle & Piano)         (Tyrone)
Ambrose Moloney                (Flute)                        (Galway)
Andrew Moloney                 (Pipe Maker)                                    (Clare)
Colette Moloney                 (Writer & Harp)                     (Cork)
Connie Moloney                  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Eddie Moloney                    (flute & Fiddle)                        (Galway)
Jerry Moloney                     (Fiddle)                        (Galway)
John Moloney                      (Bodhran)                                   (Clare)
Mick Moloney                      (Mandolin)                               (Limerick)
Mick Moloney                      (b1944)(Banjo & Singer)     (Galway)
Packie Moloney                    (Flute & Whistle)                       (Galway)
Paddy Moloney                   (b1938)(Whistle, Accordion, Bodhran & Piper)    (Dublin)
Pat "Patsy" Moloney           (Birmingham)(Flute)                               (Limerick)
Sean Moloney                    (Flute)                                              (Galway)
Stephan Moloney               (1885-1964)(Flute)                        (Galway)
Thomas Moloney                (Pipe Maker)                                   (Clare)
Eddie Monaghan                 (Fiddle)(b.1890’s)                        (
Francie Mooney                 (fiddle)                                                 (Donegal)
Christy Moore                    (Guitar & Bodhran & singer)            (Kildare)
Eddie Moore                       (b.1902)(Fiddle)                        (
Thomas Moore                    (1779-1852)(Singer & Songwriter & Collector)  (Dublin)
Willie Moore                       (NewYork)(b.1850)(Fiddle)     (Roscommon)  
James Stoddard Moore      (Dusty Rhodes)   (Fiddle)                     (Antrim)
Jimmy O Brien Moran            (Piper)                             (Waterford)
Alex Morgan                       (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Bob Morgan                       (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Dan Morgan                       (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Willie Morgan                     (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Daniel Moroney                  (pipes & flute)                      (Kerry)
James Morrison                  (1893-1947)(Fiddle)                                (Sligo)
John Morrison                          (Fiddle)                                             (Sligo)
Tom Morrison                          (Flute)                                     (Sligo)
Tom Morrison                     (1889-1958) (Flute)                        (Galway)
John Morrow                      (Mandolin & Banjo)              (Leitrim)
Thomas Morrow                 (Viola & Fiddle)              (Leitrim)
John Moulden                     (b1941)(Concertina & Singer)                                (Belfast)
Donnacha Moynihan            (Guitar)                      (Cork)
Jack Mulcaire                      (1900-1982) (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Louise Mulcahy                  (Whistle & Flute & Piper)         (Limerick)
Michelle Mulcahy                (Fiddle & Harp)                               (Limerick)
Mick Mulcahy                       (Accordion)                               (Limerick)
Shane Mulchrone                 (Mandolin & Banjo)                              (Mayo)
James Mulcrone                  (1868-1948)( Pipemaker & Piper)                    (Longford)
Brendan Mulhair                (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Martin Mulhaire                (fiddle & Accordion)                       (Galway)
Tommy Mulhaire                (Whistle & fiddle)                       (Galway)
Pat Mulhearne                   (fiddle)                                                          (Donegal)
Eddie Mulhern                     (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Katherine Mullally               (1907-1994)(Concertina & singer)              (Clare)
William J. Mullaly                (1884-1959)(Concertina)            (WestMeath)
Damien Mullane                 (Melodeon & Accordion)                      (Cork)
Edward Eddie Mullaney    (1885-1971)(Piper)                         (Mayo)
Jimmy Mullen                    (1920-2003)(Fiddle)                          (Galway)
Michael Mullins                  (Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Neillidh Mulligan                 (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Willie Mulligan                       (flute)                                     (  ?  )
Tom Mulligan                      (1916-1984) (Fiddle & Piper)              (Leitrim)
Paddy Mullins                      (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Brendan Mulvihill                    (b.1954)(Fiddle)                               (Limerick)(England)
Brian Mulvihill                          (Drums & Bodhran)                               (Limerick)(England)
Bridgit (nee Flynn)  Mulvihill   (Concertina & Fiddle)                               (Limerick)
Charlie Mulvihill                      (1917-1973)(NewYork)                                   (Clare)
Dawn  Mulvihill                     (Whistle & Fiddle)                               (Limerick)(England)
Gail  Mulvihill                        (Banjo)                               (Limerick)(England)
Martin Mulvihill                     (1919-1987)(Accordion & Fiddle)              (Limerick)
Anne Mulqueen                    (b1945)(Singer)                               (Limerick)
Tom Munnelly                       (1944-2007)(Singer)(Folk-song collector)            (Dublin)
Audrey Ni Murchu                (Flute)                       (Dublin)
Andrew Murphy                   (Lancashire)
Colm Murphy                        (Bodhran)                     (Cork)
Cormac  Murphy                   (Accordion)                          (Kildare)
Dan Murphy                         (Piper)                            (Kerry)
Delia Murphy                       (1900-1971)(Singer)                              (Mayo)
Denis Murphy                      (1910-1974)(Fiddle)                       (Sliabh Luachra)
Donal Murphy                        (England)(Accordion)                        (Limerick)
Frank Murphy                      (.b1898-1975)(Melodeon)    (Mayo)
Jack Murphy                      (Flute)                  (Clare)
James Murphy                      (Fiddle & Concertina)                  (Clare)
John Boss Murphy               (1875-1955)(Fiddle)                      (Cork)
Liam Murphy                        (singer & Guitar)                                   (Clare)
Mike Murphy                      (Fiddle )                  (Clare)
Paddy Murphy                     (1913-1992)  (Concertina)                   (Clare)
Pat Murphy                          (fiddle)                                   (Roscommon)
Peter Murphy                      (fiddle)                                      (
Jimmy Murphy                      (b1938) (Fiddle)                              (Mayo)
John  Murphy                        (Harmonica)                              (Wexford)
Maggie Murphy (Chambers)    (b 1923)(Singer)                           (Fermanagh)
Phil Murphy                           (1917-1989)(Harmonica)                              (Wexford)
Philip Murphy                       (Harmonica)                              (Wexford)
Pip Murphy                          (Mouth Organ)                              (Wexford)
James Murray                      (b1947)(Flute)                  (Sligo)
Jim Murry                             (Guitar)                                (Cork)
Martin Murray                      (b1955)(Mandolin & Fiddle)                         (Tipperary)
Richard Murray                    (Piper)                                               (Galway)
Sam Murray                          (Flute Maker)(Flute)                     (Galway)
Rose (nee Conlon) Murphy  (b 1900) (Fiddle & Accordion)                        (Galway)

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Matt Naughton                  (fiddle)                                        (Roscommon)
Colin Nea                            (Accordion)                              (WestMeath)
David Nealon                       (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Richard Nealon                    (Flute)                       (Dublin)
Eleanor (nee Kane) Neary   (1915-1993) (Chicago) (Piano)      (Mayo)
Jimmy Neary                        (Fiddle)                              (Mayo)
Bronagh Needham                 (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Peg Needham (McGrath)      (1948-1995)(Whistle & Flute)    (Roscommon)
Flaithri Neff                          (Piper)                      (Cork)
Johnny Neville                      (SongWriter & Singer & Guitar)    (Cork)
Niamh Ni Charra                       (Concertina & Fiddle)                               (Kerry)
Declan Noone                      (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Jimmy Noonan                      (Boston)(flute)                              (Clare)
Aine Nugent                        (Fiddle)                                (Fermanagh)
Catherine (nee Nugent) McLaughlin  (singer)                                (Fermanagh)
Laurence Nugent                (Flute)                                              (Fermanagh)
Marie (nee Nugent)  Gormley    (accordion)                               (Fermanagh)
Packie Nugent                    (died 1974)(fiddle)                               (Fermanagh)
Sean Nugent                       (died 1996)(Fiddle)                                (Fermanagh)

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James (Lad)  O'Beirne         (1911-1980)(Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Philip O’Beirne                     (fiddle)                                          (Sligo)
Donncha O’Briain                  (1960-1990)(Tin Whistle)                       (Dublin)
Padraig O’Briain                    (1773-1855) (piper)                                (Clare)
Ann O’Brien                          (Flute)                                       (Antrim)
Caitríona O'Brien                  (Melodeon)                                 (Carlow)
Dave O Brien                         (Flute)                             (Clare)
David O’Brien   Snr.               (Flute Maker)(Flute)                             (Clare)
David O’Brien   Jnr.               (Flute Maker)(Flute)                             (Clare)
Dinny O’Brien                       (b.1886)(Fiddle & concertina)                 (Tipperary)
Eileen O Brien                       (Singer & Fiddle)                         (Tipperary)
Jimmy O Brien Moran            (Piper)                             (Waterford)
John O' Brien                        (Whistle, Bouzouki,& Pipes)                       (Dublin)
Lorainne O’Brien                   (Fiddle)                                    (
Lorraine O Brien                   (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Michael O'Brien                     (Accordion)              (Leitrim)
Michelle O'Brien                    (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Mick O’Brien                          (b1961)(Piper)                       (Dublin)
Paddy O’Brien                       (1922-1991)(Composer & Accordion)         (Tipperary)
Paddy O Brien                       (b.1945)(Accordion)                      (Offaly)
Pat O’Brien                           (Fiddle & concertina)                 (Tipperary)
Tom O’Brien                          (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Mickey Ban O’Byrne              (died 1980)(Fiddle)                          (
Francie Dearg O’Byrne          (died 1987)(Fiddle)                                     (Donegal)
Pat O’Byrne                              (Fiddle)                                       (Donegal)
Geraldine O Callaghan          (Fiddle)                      (Cork)
Tomas O’Canainn                  (b1930)(Composer, Writer  & Piper)          (Derry)
Turlough O’Carolan               (1670-1738) (Composer , Singer &Harp)     (Meath)
Maitiu O Cassaide                 (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Darach O Cathain                 (1922-1987)(Writer & Composer & Singer Sean-Nos) (Galway)
Seán Ó Cathaláin                 (Lilting)                               (Limerick)
Tomas O Ceannabhain         (Piper)                       (Galway)
Sean O’Cearbhaill                 (Fiddle)                               (Limerick)
Aodan O'Cheallaigh              (Singer)                             (Waterford)
Diarmuid O’Cionnaith            (Tin Whistle)                       (Dublin)
Padhraic O Cionnaith            (Singer)                              (WestMeath)
Cathal Ó Clochasaigh           (Fiddle)                               (Limerick)
Padraig O Coill                      (Melodeon)                              (Wexford)
Antóin O Conaill                    (Concertina)                               (Limerick)
Ciaran O Concannon             (Singer)                       (Galway)
Aine O Connell                       (Fiddle)                      (Cork)
Connie O Connell                  (b1943) (Fiddle)                      (Cork)
Michael O’Connell                  (Piper)                                   (Clare)
Tom O'Connell                       (Accordion)                               (Limerick)
Aine O Connor                      (Flute)                       (Roscommon)
Gerry O'Connor                     (Banjo)                         (Tipperary)
Gerry O'Connor                     (Fiddle)                  (Louth)
Jim O’Connor                           (Flute)              (Clare)
Liam O'Connor                      (Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Mairtin O’Connor                   (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Mick O’Connor                       (Archivist & Musical Historian & Piper & Flute)   (Dublin)
Pat O'Connor                        (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Rose O’Connor                      (b1920)(Fiddle)           (Meath)
Eanna O’Croinin                    (Piper)                        (Meath)
Nelius O’Cronin                     (1901-1930)(Flute & Piper)                      (Cork)
Brian O Dea                           (Accordion)                                 (Clare)
Carmel O Dea                         (Fiddle)                                 (Clare)
Aodh O Dhomhnaill               (Singer)                          (Donegal)
Conall O Dhomhnaill               (Singer)                          (Meath)
Eamonn O’Doherty               (Architect,Writer & Flute )                                        (Derry)
Micheal O’Domhnaill              (1952-2006)(Guitar & Singer)                       (Dublin)
Aidan O'Donnell                     (Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Brian O’Donnell                     (died 1980) (Fiddle repairer)                                  (Donegal)
Colm O’Donnell                   (Flute)                                           (Sligo)
Danny O'Donnell                   (fiddle)                                                  (Donegal)
P.V.O’Donnell                       (fiddle)                                                  (Donegal)(Inishowen)
Cyril O’Donoghue                  (Bauzouki)                                   (Clare)
Jimmy O’Donoghue              (Flute)                                   (Clare)
Paddy O’Donoghue               (Flute)                                   (Clare)
Dan O Dowd                          (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Joe O’Dowd                           (1914-1987) (Fiddle)                  (Sligo)
Seamie O’Dowd                    (Fiddle & guitar)                              (Sligo)
Sheila (nee Regan) O’Dowd   (Fiddle )                              (Sligo)
Paul O’Driscoll                       (Double Bass)                                   (Clare)
Sean O Driscoll                        (Banjo & Bouzouki)         (Cork)
Tiarnan O'Duinchinn              (Piper)                                (Monaghan)
Sean O Dulaing                     (Bodhran)                 (Kilkenny)
Antaine O Farachain              (Singer)                       (Dublin)
Liam O Flynn                         (Piper)                          (Kildare)
Paddy O’Gara   Snr               (fiddle)                                          (Donegal)
Paddy O’Gara   Jnr                (fiddle)(b.1929)                              (Donegal)
Brid O Gorman                           (Flute)                                      (Clare)
Ned O’Gorman                        (Piper)                                    (WestMeath)
Conal O’Grada                       (Flute)                      (Cork)
Patsy O'Grady                       (Dancer)                                    (Clare)
Gearoid O hAllmhurain          (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Michea¡l O Halmhain             (Flute)                       (Dublin)
Thomas O’Hannigan             (b 1806) (Piper)                         (Tipperary)
Meabh O'Hare                       (fiddle)                                (Belfast)
Walter O'Hara                       (Whistling)                              (Wexford)
Michael Ó hEineachain          (Fiddle)                              (Mayo)
Frank O’Higgins                     (1891-1975) (Fiddle)                    (Meath)
Shane O’hUaithne                 (Accordion)                       (Galway)
Maire O’Keeffe                      (Fiddle)                            (Kerry)
Maurice O'Keefe                     (fiddle)                      (Cork)
Padraig O'Keeffe                   (1887-1963)(Fiddle)                       (Sliabh Luachra)
Donnehadha O’Laoghaire     (1877-1944) (piper)                      (Cork)
Collette O'Leary                    (Accordion)                        (Dublin)
Johnny O Leary                      (b1924)(Accordion)                       (Sliabh Luachra)
Sharon O Leary                     (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Dan O’Loan                           (Fiddle)                                       (Antrim)
Peadar O'Loughlin                 (Flute & Fiddle)                           (Clare)
Tomas O’Maclain                    (Banjo)                        (Galway)
Martin O Malley                       (singer & Guitar)                                   (Clare)
Ciaran O Maonaigh                (fiddle)                                                 (Donegal)
Gearoid O Maonaigh               (Piper)                            (Donegal)
Richard Lewis O’Mealy           (1873-1947)(Piper)                                  (WestMeath)
Fiachra Ó Mongain                  (Accordion)                              (Mayo)
Séamus Ó Mongáin                (Concertina)                              (Mayo)
Donal O’Morain                       (b1923) (Gael-Linn)                        (Dublin)
Padraig O'Muineachain          (Accordion)                        (Sliabh Luachra)
Andreas O Murchu                 (Accordion & Piano)                      (Cork)
Eamonn O’ Murchu                 (Banjo)                      (Cork)
Marcus O Murchu                   (Flute)                                        (Derry)
Sean O’Murchu                       (died 1982)(Presenter)                       (Dublin)
Aidan O’Neill                            (Whistle , Concertina & Fiddle)                (Tyrone)
Arthur O’Neill                          (1734-1818)(Harp)                               (Tyrone)
Charlie O’Neill                       (fiddle)                             (
Eoin O Neill                            (Bauzouki)                                   (Clare)
Francis (Captain) O’Neill         (1848-1936)(Collector & Flute)   (Cork)
James O’Neill                          (born 1862) (Fiddle)                  (Down)
Pat O’Neill                              (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Sean O’Neill                            (Bodhran)                                              (Down)
Shaun O’Nolan                        (1871-1945)(Singer & Piper)         (? Wicklow ?)
Caoimhin O Raghallaigh         (b1979)(Fiddle & Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Micheal O'Raghallaigh            (Concertina & Accordion)                                  (Meath)
Catherine ( Glackin) O'Reilly   (Fiddle)                                   (Cavan)
M.J. O' Reilly                           (Whistling & Lilting)                              (Wexford)
Micheal O’Riabhaigh               (1911-1976)(Piper)                      (Cork)
Sean O Riada                         (1931-1971)(Composer & Bodhran)     (Cork)
Fiachra O’ Riagain                  (Piper)                       (Galway)
Edward O Rourke                    (b.1875)(fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Michael O Rourke                   (Fiddle & Piano)                                   (Clare)
Jimmi O’Se                             (b.1929)(accordion)         (Kerry)
Sean O’Se                              (Sean-nos)                      (Cork)
Brother Gildas O'Shea            (1882-1960)(piper)              (Kerry)
John Jack O’Shaughnessy      (Fiddle)                                  (Clare)
Paul O'Shaughnessy              (Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Pearl O’Shaughnessy             (Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
Tom O’Shaughnessy               (Fiddle)                       (Dublin)   
Eoghan Rua O’Suilleabhain    (1748-1784)(Singer)             (Sliabh Luachra)
Micheal O’Suilleabhain           (b1950)(Composer & Piano)                       (Dublin)
Bernard O’Sullivan                  (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Dymphna O'Sullivan               (Concertina)                                   (Clare)
Jerry O’Sullivan                     (NewYork)(Piper)                       (Dublin)
John O'Sullivan                       (Fiddle)                 (Kilkenny)
Michelle O’Sullivan                 (Fiddle)                             (
Paddy O’Sullivan                    (Fiddle)                            (Kerry)
Tomas O Tuathail                   (Mouth organ)                              (Mayo)
Holly Nic Oireachtaigh             ( Concertina & Harp)                              (Mayo)
Peter Oliver                           (Piper)                            (Donegal)
Annette Owens                      (Accordion)                                              (Fermanagh)

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Bryan Palmer                                       (Piper)                       (Dublin)
Charlie Patton                                      (Fiddle Maker)(Fiddle)        (Donegal)
Mary Anne (nee Mc Phelimy) Patton  (1905-1993)(fiddle)  (Tyrone)  
Christina Pearse                                  (singer)                        (Roscommon)
John Pedersen                                    (Pipe Maker)                                    (USA)
Bob Peoples                          (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
George Peoples                     (1908-1988)(fiddle)          (Donegal)
Jimmy (Jamie) Peoples        (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Matt (Mattha) Peoples          (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Siobhan Peoples                    (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Tom Peoples                          (died 1977) (Fife & fiddle)        (Donegal)
Tommy Peoples                     (b1948)(Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
George Petrie                        (1789-1866)(Collector)    (Dublin)
Conal Eoghain Phadraig        (Flute & Dancer)                            (Donegal)
Jim Phat                                (fiddle)                                                       (Donegal)
Jason Philbin                          (fiddle)                            (Donegal)
Ashling Phillips                       (Flute)                                  (Fermanagh)
Paul Phillips                           (Bodhran)                                   (Down)
Charlie Piggott                      (Banjo & Accordion)               (Cork)
John Edward Pigot                 (1822-1871)(Collector)        (Cork)
Planxty                                      (Band)
John Ponsonby                      (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Sarah (Mc Ginty) Ponsonby  (fiddle)                             (Donegal)
John Potts                              (Flute & Piper)                               (Wexford)
Sean Potts                             (b.1930)(Bodhran & Whistle & Piper)        (Dublin)
Tommy Potts                          (1912-1988)(Fiddle)                       (Dublin)
David Power                          (Piper)                             (Waterford)
Jimmy Power                         (b.1918)(fiddle)                            (Waterford)
John Power                           (Singer)                             (Waterford)
Martin Preshaw                    (Pipe Maker)            (Belfast)
David Preston                      (fiddle)                      (Sligo)
Eugene Preston                    (b.1902)(Flute)                      (Sligo)
Louis Preston                        (Flute)                     (Sligo)
Michael Preston                    (b.1926)(Flute)                      (Sligo)
Maria Shannon Preston        (Melodeon)                     (Sligo)
Viola Preston                        (Died 1981)(Melodeon & Accordion)     (Sligo)

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John Queally                                                              (Clare)
Michael Queally                    (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
PaddyQueally                                                            (Clare)
Paddy ‘Ban’ Guigley            (b.1870)(Piper)                          (Donegal)
Aine Quigney                       (Fiddle)                                   (Clare)
Anthony Quigney                  (flute)                                   (Clare)
Marie Quigney                     (Accordion)                                   (Clare)
Cormac Quinn                       (Melodeon & Fiddle)                             (Donegal)
Francy Quinn                       (Fiddle)                                             (Tyrone)
Frank Quinn                          (b1893)(Fiddle & Accordion)     (Longford)
Louis E. Quinn                      (1904-1991)(Fiddle)           (Armagh)
Sean Quinn                          (b1942) (Accordion)                  (Down)

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Murty Rabbett                      (Singer)                        (Galway)
Anna Rafferty                       (Flute)                          (Galway)
Kathleen “Moloney” Rafferty                                           (Galway)
Mary Rafferty                      (Flute & Whistle & Accordion)        (Galway)
Mike Rafferty                        (b1926)(Flute)                       (Galway)
Paddy Rafferty                     (Lilter & Whistle)                (Galway)