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The history of the violin extends to the 16th century and further
back through its ancestral family of instruments.
The Makers , Players, Composers, Patrons, Dealers and Admirers
 all play their part in this complex web of interrelationships.

The Classical violin making period was dominated by the Cremonese
makers such as

Andrea Amati  ( born in 1509AD)
Antonio Amati ( born in 1540AD)
Girolamo Hieronymus Amati ( born in 1561AD)
Nicolo Amati ( born in 1596AD)
Francesco Ruggeri ( born in 1620AD)
Andrea Guarneri ( born in 1626AD)
Antonio Stradivari ( born in 1644AD)
Pietro Giovanni Guarneri ( born in 1655AD)
Giovanni Bettista Rogeri ( born in 1670AD)
Francesco Stradivari ( born in 1671AD)
Omobono Stradivari ( born in 1679AD)
Carlo Bergonzi ( born in 1683AD)
Pietro Guarneri (Venice) ( born in 1695AD)
Guiseppe Guarneri (Del Gesu) ( born in 1698AD)
Giovanni Bapttista Guadagnini (born in 1711AD)
Lorenzo Storioni ( born in 1751AD)




Roger Hargrave , article   “ Cremonese Kaleidoscope” .


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