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Edgework Repair

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This repair is to replace a badly worn edge. The function of
these edges is to protect the delicate rib-structure from
knocks and to keep the Rib-structures flat surfaces, from
touching surrounding surfaces.

The Edge-work  allows the maker to shape the instrument
outline without worrying about the Rib-structure outline
and thus achieve a flowing transition of curves to please
the eye.

The wood  in the area of the repair must be examined to
highlight its grain width, reflection, hard to soft wood
direction and grain orientation.  This will allow the
replacement piece to match as closely as possible  the
original , and thus go unnoticed as a repair.

The repair wood must be orientated properly and chalk
fitted to ensure a 100% area of contact for the glue joint.
The glue joint is positioned at the grain line if possible to
help discuise the join.

After a suitable period of time allowing the glue join to strengthen, the edge can be reshaped to match the existing
edge-work on the instrument.

Careful examination of the instruments construction will
assist in this process of replicating the original makers
style, this will enable the repair to go unnoticed.

Once the edgework has been shaped it must be sealed and retouched to match the surrounding  instrument colour.

In order for the repaired area to blend in with the existing
edge-work it is necessary to retouch the area carefully
incorporating aging and patina where necessary.

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