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The Corner repair for this instrument is required because the
deteriorated area is weakening the corner and exposing the
Rib area to  further damage. A damaged corner also effects the
aesthetic properties of the instrument.
The Corner must be reconstructed in stages,
in this case a 2 piece corner.

The repair wood is chosen for its similarity to the instrument
wood. Matching the reflection properties, the Grain width ,
and direction , the soft to hard growth direction and grain

Once the First inserted piece has been chalk fitted , glued,
shaped and prepared, the second piece can be chalk  fitted to
the first and the corner is constructed in stages.

The glue joint must be allowed to dry fully to ensure a strong
bond and allow the shaping process to be carried out later.
The Corner shape must correspond to the other existing
corners on the Instrument, and great care must be taken to
ensure the finished corner contains the form , style and
character of the original makers work.

The shaping process is carried out using a knife .

The finished surface must reflect the surrounding areas
texture and character.
 It is important to ensure the new wood fibres will not rise
when the varnish colour retouching process is carried out.
The new corner is wetted to allow any loose wood fibres to
rise , then the corner can be scraped smooth again.
This process may have to be carried out several times
to aquire the desired effect for the finished corner.

The surface must next be sealed and the colour built up in thin layers .
The process of colour matching is to incorporate the repair into the surrounding area unnoticed.

The finished corner must match the surrounding area and the
shape must be characteristic of the original makers style.


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