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The Violin Construction is carried out in a series of stages as the
individual elements are crafted.
Each element does not have to be completely finished in order to
build the Instrument, and at most stages it is desirable to have
several elements glued together, before blending them seamlessly
into one entity.

Back arching 04a

Back arching 05a

belly arching 03a

belly arching 04a

belly arching 06a

button shaping 01a

centre joint 01a

edgework shaping 01a

edgework shaping 02a

edgework shaping 03a

edgework shaping 04a

edgework shaping 05a

edgework shaping 06a

edgework shaping 07a

effe hole 01a

effe hole 02a

horse tail grass for burnishing wooda

neck blocks 01a

neck shaping 01a

neck shaping 02a

scroll carving 01a

scroll carving 02a

scroll carving 03a

scroll carving 04a

scroll carving 05a

scroll carving 06a

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