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The subject of acoustics is a fascinating one and reveals an enormous
and complex element in the
violin making process.
It is my intention in this section to present a practical hands on approach
to the acoustic challenges which the violin maker must faces in the
It is essential to research the acoustic theory which supports
the analysis to follow, and there are many independent websites
which do a superb job in this respect. Below are just a few which I
recommend highly .


Violin Plate Tuning.
Violin Bridge Fitting
Sound Post Fitting
Violin Strings Selection

This page is still under construction at the moment 
and new content is being added on a regular basis:-

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Acoustics for violin and guitar makers.
Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing
Erik Jansson,
Web pages, journals, collections of articles and books about acoustics and violinmaking
Experimental Modal Analysis , A simple Non-Mathematical Presentation
by Peter Avitabile
Research Papers in Violin Acoustics: 1975 - 1993
Editor Carleen Maley Hutchins
Associate Editor Virginia Benade
The Life and Work of Carleen Maley Hutchins
by Paul R. Laird
The Carleen Hutchins Collection and Archive
The Acoustical Society of America
Thoughts On The Sound Quality Of Violins
Strings and things Musical acoustics in Cambridge.
By Jim Woodhouse   Topics include The "Bridge Hill".


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